William S. Lind – Elections and the Anger Against the Establishment in the US and Europe

William S. Lind proposes an idea to irritate the Establishment parties.

Both here and in much of Europe, at least a third of the public knows the Establishment’s policies don’t work. That has put anti-Establishment parties, Right and Left, in places like Sweden, France, Switzerland, and Greece in power or within striking distance of power.

Here, again, the Establishment is right in its confidence that both major parties’ nominees will come from and represent the Establishment. One will almost certainly win.

But here’s an idea that would give them fits. When the conventions are over and the nominees chosen, an independent ticket emerges that can get itself on every ballot. What ticket? Trump for President, Sanders for Vice President, with both promising that Sanders will handle foreign policy and defense policy (only) and Trump domestic policy (only). Sanders would keep us out of more wars and begin defunding a military that can’t win Fourth Generation conflicts. Trump would start stripping political correctness out of federal government policy and enthusiastically turn on his fellow billionaires and their dragon hordes.

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