Carson’s Boardroom Support For Gay Rights Could Test His Base

A hit piece for Ben Carson, but I don’t think it will hurt his candidacy among his over-eager White see-I’m-not-a-racist supporters.

As many people say, I like and respect Carson as a man (from what I can see), but I doubt whether he would make a very good president.  Well-intentioned with poor results, probably.  In the past, before he thought to run for president, he spoke about his support for affirmative action, gun control, and apparently he only opposes homosexual marriage rather than homosexual normalization.  I wonder if, as president, he could think very far outside his ethnic box.

Fellow directors said they do not recall Carson opposing any of the initiatives presented to the board.

“Ben Carson never came into the boardroom with any kind of social policy commentary,” said Jeffrey Brotman, who chairs Costco’s board. Kellogg director Donald Knauss said he also remembers Carson went along with the policy changes. . . .

. . . In the interview, Carson acknowledged the stances he took as a director could be an issue for some conservative voters. But he said he has never strayed from his message. “As far as conservatives are concerned, I’ve made my position clear to them as well. I believe in traditional marriage. But I don’t have anything against the gay community.”

Carson joined the Kellogg board in 1997 and the Costco board in 1999 and left both boards in May of this year as he began to push for the Republican nomination.

Read more at Reuters

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