Adi – South Africa’s Dutch Reformed Church Embraces Sodomy

On Friday, 9 October, the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa followed in the footsteps of many other mainline Protestant denominations in the West, officially embracing sodomy and re-defining the concept of “marriage” in deviation from biblical norms. In 2012, Nathanael Strickland had also predicted that it would be a matter of time before it is accepted in the Presbyterian Church (USA), and earlier this year he turned out to be right. I must admit that I was a little surprised that the church in South Africa modified their position in the very same year as the PCUSA, since traditionally ecclesiastical degeneracy in South Africa has been five to ten years “behind” the U.S. [. . .]

[. . .] Sadly for my people, still about 30% of Afrikaners are members of this denomination (an estimated 70% of which could be considered active). For a people born out of the Reformation, who have historically claimed to exercise a divine calling to hold dominion and spread the gospel in Africa, this is a historically significant defeat. Any and all claims to a legitimate covenantal response by our people are void. The institutional church is, for the most part, dead. When this is the case also in Afrikanerdom, which has always been the covenantal carrier of the faith in South Africa, and when one considers also that only 4% of children born in South Africa today are white (including both Afrikaners and Anglo-South Africans) and that the South African government seems hellbent on using sodomy to persecute Christians, the immediate future of Christianity in this part of the world looks very bleak indeed. It would seem that the only possible way forward from here is, with complete trust in the divine promise that the gates of hell will never prevail against the conquering Church of Christ (Matt. 16:18), to have many children and raise them in true covenantal obedience, to build congregations who explicitly embrace and teach biblical truths and the laws of God, no matter how politically incorrect, and to create and strengthen communities of like-minded kinsmen.

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