G.W. Thielman – How To Fix Conservatives’ Single Women Problem


Thielman makes way too much out of the human sex ratio here, where females outnumber men in the U.S. only very slightly. Nevertheless, there is no question that there is a concerted and increasingly successful effort to impose matriarchy here.

What are conservatives to do in order to keep winning elections? Thielman proposes that the best way to win over the government-dependent single woman class is to pander to them even more than the Left does.

I found this article tough to wade through.  Too many trees and not enough forest.  It does make one think though, however, even if I disagree with much of the premise and the conclusions.

Second, societies with low sex ratios, or many more women than men, alter men’s mating strategies away from aggressive acquisition for long-term commitment towards more casual sexual encounters. With men less motivated to offer access to the wealth they’ve accumulated in exchange for erotic favors, women—in order to gain access to resources for sustenance and comfort—must either rival each other for prospective husbands, or gain independent livelihood. [. . .]

[. . .] In 1902, Vladimir Lenin published a pamphlet to advocate creating a political party as a vanguard to revolution. It was titled “Chto delat’?,” usually translated as “What is to be done?” That is the question for the NISAs of our time. Without coaxing the proverbial Julia away from Uncle Sugar Daddy, conservatives and libertarians cannot hope to persuade enough voters towards restoring our economic fortunes or the rule of law in this generation. Given the electorate’s inexorable despondency, our best options depend on finding answers to the Julia dilemma.

Two suggestions are offered. First, we should voluntarily assist these single mothers through charities and other private agencies. Second, because such women lack the knowledge to ground philosophical principles, we ought to convey stories about the adverse effects of intrusive government.

Read more at the Federalist

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