Trump Announces Plan to Improve Veterans’ Health Care

Trump has chosen an easy base to cover here. Obama and his crew have emasculated the military, and the right has always practically worshiped it.

Donald Trump, never one to do anything small, on Saturday chose one of the largest battleships the Navy has ever built to roll out his plan to “make the VA great again.”

At a rally beside the USS Wisconsin, the leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination promised to remake the troubled Veterans Affairs agency.

Billed as “the Trump Plan” in keeping with the billionaire developer’s habit of naming things after himself, the initiative would allow veterans to get medical care from any doctors or medical facilities that accept Medicare. It also would give veterans education benefits, business loans, job training and placement services to ease their transition from battlefield to civilian life.

The plan was cheered by veterans in the crowd, which the campaign estimated at more than 5,000. It seemed intended to answer critics who have said that Trump has been long on inflammatory rhetoric and short on realistic policy proposals.

Read the rest at the Washington Post

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