Amusing Left-Wing Op-Ed About Houston’s Proposed Queer-Bathroom HERO Law

Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin speaks to staff and volunteers in Houston Wednesday Oct. 28, 2015, who are working to get out the vote for Prop 1 – Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance. (Michael Stravato/AP Images for Human Rights Campaign)

A somewhat hysterical op-ed from Gomorrah, Texas.

No doubt the queer activists wrapped their initiatives in a full-fledged equal rights amendment in order to come up with other anti-Christian schemes like the one where Houston’s lesbian mayor tried to subpoena pastors’ sermons for anti-homosexual content, which was tied to an earlier form of this HERO legislation.

Column: Houston residents must pass HERO legislation or condone bigotry

Houston residents are anxiously awaiting a vote on a ballot referendum to decide whether the city will ensure the equal rights of residents, including LGBTQ community, or revert to anachronistic, backwards views. The “Houston Equal Rights Ordinance,” or HERO, is the result of Texas Supreme Court decision that made such a triumph for equality contingent on the votes of Houston residents, according an article by the Washington Post.

This legislation originally passed through the city council and became law, only to be thwarted by pastors and other religious and homophobic zealots. To allow the right to equality to be stripped from residents on the call of fundamentalists is an affront to liberty and justice; listening carefully, one can hear Thomas Paine rolling over in his grave, as these vile human beings continue to oppress the LGBTQ community and slow this nation’s progress towards the original guarantee of equality in the name of conservative Christianity.

According to the Washington Post piece, the chief complaint of opponents to the HERO initiative is the belief that transgender individuals will somehow threaten the security and safety of women and children by using bathrooms, with their presence constituting an “an invasion of a safe space for women and girls.” This is yet another instance of conservative religionists insisting that transgender individuals are somehow threatening. These views are backwards, fundamentally incorrect and have no place in a modern political debate.

Activists holding signs reading “No men in women’s bathrooms” only provide evidence of their own ignorance and bigotry, while continuing to reveal the opposition to LGBTQ equality as nothing more than a collection of asinine clowns who have neither the foresight nor the intellect to understand the source of their own unfounded and perverse fear.

The opponents of the measure have, according to supporters, focused solely on the LGBTQ aspects of the HERO measure as means placing blinders on the voting populace. The Washington Post quoted supporters of HERO as arguing “the ordinance would not only protect the rights of transgender people, but also challenge discrimination on the basis of race, sex and a dozen other factors, including military status.” By igniting the bigotry of voters, the opposition to this needed legislation has burned over Houston, potentially laying waste to any semblance of progress.

Mayor Annise Parker, herself a “longtime lesbian activist” argued that the same antagonism she faced in advocating for gay rights and equality has surfaced in opposition to the transgender community. Houston pastors and zealots have successfully turned legislation that called for the equality of all residents, barring discrimination based on a variety of prejudices and bigotries, into a political spectacle. Their poisonous rhetoric has transformed the right to equality of the LGBTQ community into a perceived affront to their religious rights and safety.

Read more, if you care to, at The Daily Campus

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