#OpKKK Strikes Matt Parrott


My phone started ringing about once per hour yesterday. It’s still ringing about once per hour. I have anonymous (no pun intended) calls blocked, so I’m probably just catching the tip of the prank phone call iceberg. It turns out that the antifa decided to masquerade as “Anonymous” and declare that they’ve “hacked” the “klan” and are going to “dox” all sorts of famous and important people.

In lieu of famous or important people affiliated with any klans, they’ve evidently settled on doxing me, Matt Parrott. I’m not sure if it counts as doxing when the correct information is my public phone number and the private information about my address and family is incorrect. I haven’t lived at Golfview Drive in Carmel for nearly five years, but somebody ordered $333 worth of Papa John’s pizza to the address yesterday evening. Ironically, the rank strangers living at that address, the owner of that pizza parlor, the pizza parlor employees, and the hapless delivery driver, are all non-White, so Anonymous managed to harass and harm more minorities in one single night than I’ve done in my life.

My entry has a rather mean-spirited inclusion of my alleged mother, Sandra. Sandra is some random lady in North Carolina who is emphatically not my mother, and most likely not a right-wing political dissident. For that matter, my actual mother isn’t a political dissident, either. You can’t pick your family, after all. Aside from buying me my first computer and subscribing to dial-up Internet, she played no role whatsoever in my political awakening and wishes I would find a hobby that doesn’t involve being habitually harassed by Internet heroes.

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