Supreme Court’s Decision Could Lead To Second Civil War

File:Albert with the AR-15 - 9232050728.jpg

Let us hope and pray that the hubris of the Establishment leads to their rapid downfall.

The firearms specifically banned by Highland Park and other municipalities are the semi-automatic carbines and rifles best suited for that original role as imagined by the Founders in a contemporary context.

The Brown Bess was the musket used by both American Patriots and British Redcoats. The AR-15—which was in civilian hands for six years before a selective-fire variant was adopted as the general issue M16 and later the M4—is clearly the “modern musket” “in common use” as the militia arm of choice in the United States, with the American civilian owning between five and ten times as many AR-15s as the U.S. military owns M4s and M16s.

If the Supreme Court fails to take up the case, or takes up the case and decides against Freidman, then they will have set the stage for an inevitable civil war, pitting the nation’s radical anti-gun Democrats who desire to destroy the Second Amendment against the 100-140 million American gun owners who will not comply with laws and court decisions that clearly fly in the face of original intent.

Read more at Bearing Arms

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