Bitcoin Will Be 6th Biggest Reserve Currency By 2030 – Study

A Bitcoin (virtual currency) paper wallet with QR codes and a coin are seen in an illustration picture taken at La Maison du Bitcoin in Paris, France. © Benoit Tessier

It seems strange that the world bankers allow Bitcoin to continue, considering entire countries have been destroyed for trying to compete with the dollar, and how the Liberty Dollar was destroyed for the same reason.

I wonder if the powers-that-be plan to eventually use a highly regulated Bitcoin as a new international currency to replace our current fiat money systems after the upcoming world war. Or maybe the crackdown just hasn’t happened yet. Who knows?

Bitcoin will become the world’s sixth largest reserve currency by 2030, according to an investment agency. The rising popularity of the virtual currency will also see banks invest around $1 billion in blockchain technology.

The claims were made by UK-based Magister Advisors, which helps to advise the technology industry on mergers and acquisitions. They came to the conclusions after interviewing a number of Bitcoin companies from around the world and there was a general view it would become a key reserve currency in the space of just 15 years.

“Blockchain is without question the most significant advancement in enterprise IT in a decade, on a par with big data and machine learning. What JAVA is to the Internet, blockchain is to financial services. We have now reached a fork in the road with Bitcoin and blockchain. Bitcoin has proven itself as an established currency. Blockchain, more fundamentally, will become the default global standard distributed ledger for financial transactions,” said Jeremy Millar, a partner at Magister Advisors, in a statement released by the organization.


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  1. ‘regulated Bitcoin as a new international currency to replace our current fiat money systems’

    Bitcoin is the ultimate fiat currency, it doesn’t even actually exist! Its ripe for fraud.


    • “It’s ripe for fraud.”

      I agree. That’s what puzzles me. Why is it still here?


      • I hadn’t heard anything about it for a long time until the other day. I’m guessing its been co opted by the banking power that be.

        I just replied to your email.



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