South Africa: #FeesMustFall “Students” Loot Entire Apartment Building Near University of Pretoria



The madness in South Africa is just getting started. If the Afrikaners want to survive, they had better begin to stand together against these mobs. Political correctness has no place in a war for survival.

According to Praag a student accommodation building near the University of Pretoria called Unilofts has been looted by so called “students” involved in the #UPrising /#FeesMustFall movement, that saw violent clashes through the entire country the past two weeks.

Laptops, cell phones, clothing, shoes, furniture and other valuables were stolen. According to students who live at Unilofts, the black security personnel who guarded the building, joined in the looting.

Unilofts mainly house Afrikaner students from the University of Pretoria who’s been left seeking other accommodations because the University has a affirmative action quota on how many whites are admitted to University residence accommodation.

a Student who did not want her name mentioned said that “It was chaos, they simply broke through building security bars and kicked the doors down one by one. The security guards did nothing to stop them and I have seen the security personnel also carry stolen property.”

The Provincial Youth Leader of Gauteng for the Freedom Front Plus, Mr. Jean Kriek asked students from Unilofts to report any stolen property or broken infrastructure to the Brooklyn Police Station in Hatfield(see map) immediately!

“These protests has taken its toll on Tukkies campus, even after President Zuma announced a 0% fee hike for the next academic year. Students are fed up with this small minority that’s holding all academics hostage as they disrupt classes during the exam period,

“This is no longer a ‘protest’ against fee increases, there singing of ‘Kill the Boer’ at WITS University, Shouting at UCT University students that the ‘Whites should get out or were going to kill you’ and now were obscene gestures towards white female students were made at Unilofts, speaks plainly of the racist undertone these protests has brought to campus life around South Africa!” said Jean Kriek.

Read more at Protea Media

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