Fr. Jean-Paul Régimbal – Rock ‘n Roll: Satanic Music, From Subliminal to Direct Messages

Hell's Bells

I grew up listening to the bands cited, and I still listen to some of them. It’s hard to tell what is showmanship and what is serious, but none of it, I’ll admit, is good for a Christian to listen to, and I must gradually weed this music out of my life.

After the first wave of rock that transmitted subliminal messages, its artists began to openly express their satanic inspirations. The three examples below – chosen from many – permit us to see the underlying thinking. [. . .]

[. . .] Here is his explicit testimony of how he got his stage name from his autobiography Me, Alice:

”Some years ago I went to a séance where Norman Buckley asked the spirit to make himself heard. The spirit manifested itself at last and spoke to me. He promised me and my music group glory and world domination with rock music and wealth in abundance.

”All he asked in return was for me to give my body to that spirit, which took possession of me. A change of possession of my body would make me famous throughout the whole world. To do this, I took the name by which ‘he’ had identified himself in the session. And so, today I am recognized worldwide. You already know the name – Alice Cooper.”

Read more at Tradition in Action

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  1. I just realised this site existed.


    • Tradition in Action is so traditional that I can’t help but laugh at them sometimes (like their article about women who wear pants. I kind of agree with them, but it strikes me as funny, like we were still protesting the disgrace of the waltz).

      They seem to be part of the anti-Vatican II Society of St. Pius X.


      • I’ve read them before; they’re a little hysterical.

        Are these musicians satanists or just not Christian? Is there a difference? Does it matter if there is?

        Far more insidious are the songs about ‘going your own way’ and you’re okay just as you are no need for reflection just do what you ‘feel’. These songs are the ultimate odes to humanism.


      • The writer of this series of articles denounces rock music, or modern secular pop music, outright, saying that it was intentionally designed as a vehicle to destroy Christianity and promote Satanic wickedness, regardless of whether the artists were even aware of what they were promoting.

        In that regard, it doesn’t matter if they are Satanists or humanists or not, or if they are even wicked or not. Kind of like Islam or feminism, the moderates shield the extremists and all should be rejected en masse to ensure that the movement can’t progress.

        For me personally though, it is a matter of levels of wickedness in a spectrum rather than a black-white issue. I’m not saying that this is the right or best way, but for me it is the most practical. I still like the Beatles, for instance, while recognizing the damage that they have caused and their Satanic backers. Taken on the surface now that their social relevance has diminished, their music itself is mostly innocuous.

        I’ve weeded out the worst in the spectrum over the course of several years, and it seems like I keep weeding out more and more as time goes on. Eventually the Beatles, for instance, will get weeded out, too. It’s kind of like weeding sin from one’s life: keep getting rid of the worst again and again.



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