He’s Indispensable: Trump Hits Rubio On Immigration In New Hampshire

Rubio praising Gang of 8 bill with accomplices Schumer and McCain 2013

Rubio, an overrated career politician who hasn’t accomplished anything of note and who was groomed by his political backers to quickly rise to the top. Sounds like another Obama to me.

Yesterday in Marco Rubio Only Strong Because He Hasn’t Been Confronted On Immigration James Kirkpatrick lamented that Donald Trump let Marco Rubio off too easily on immigration at the last debate.

Apparently Trump was remedying this today:

“Rubio was totally in favor of very lax rules, he was part of the ‘Gang of 8,’ “ Trump said Wednesday in New Hampshire. “The Gang of 8 means ‘come on in folks, come on in, no one is going to stop you.

(VDARE.com emphasis – this was true)

A day earlier, Trump called attention to billionaire Paul Singer’s support for immigration reform.

Rubio and Trump battle over immigration Alex Leary Tampa Bay Times Wednesday, November 4 2015.

So far I have not seen Trump reference the fact that Rubio won his Senate seat in 2010 by masquerading as an Immigration Patriot, against Amnesty and supportive of local initiatives to enforce Federal immigration laws – and then completely betrayed his voters only 2 years later by promoting the Gang of 8 Bill as nicely documented by this FAIR poster.

Read more at VDare

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