Marco Rubio Releases Florida GOP Charge Card Statements


There is a reason why I think this story is pertinent news while the Ben Carson attack story about his supposedly lying about a West Point scholarship is not.

Rubio has shown that he does a lousy job with his own personal finances. He isn’t alone in this. Most people have made stupid financial mistakes with their own money. However, Rubio is running for president, not his local city council. We should expect him to be a little wiser than our disorganized neighbor who calls in sick to work every week and is smothered in unreasonable debt because of his credit cards and oversized McMansion.

And the Establishment would have us elect this Pinocchio puppet for president.

Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign released 22 months of charge card statements on Saturday that show the candidate made $7,243.74 in personal purchases in 2005 and 2006 on a Florida Republican Party charge card.

The announcement comes as Rubio is under greater scrutiny for his personal use of the American Express charge card, which he said was secured under his personal credit in conjunction with the state’s Republican Party. Some of Rubio’s previous charge card statements have emerged, but the release on Saturday provides the first look at his purchases for the period from January 2005 through October 2006 when he led the campaign operation for Florida House Republicans.

Read more at CNN

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