Pope Appoints Well-known ‘Progressive’ Protégé of Cardinal Danneels to Major See of Brussels

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During a press conference in Brussels today, Archbishop De Kesel made several noteworthy statements that prove his modernist inclinations.

Answering a journalist’s question about “homophilia,” he said: “There is a need for respect and reverence for people who are homosexual. The Church has her reasons for not calling gay marriage, marriage. She has a very precise definition of marriage, I acknowledge that. Respect for the person and for the different way of being of the person is however an important value of the Gospel, but also of the modern culture. This respect for the person, whomsoever he may be, whatever his convictions and orientation, this is a value that the Gospel shares with modern culture. And that is why they should also be valued within the Church.”

It is in a similar spirit of “respect,” Archbishop De Kesel said at the press conference, that he attended the funeral of Canon Pierre de Locht at the cathedral of Brussels in 2007: a proponent of liberation theology, contraception, and even abortion in some cases, de Locht was a member of a Right-to-Die society. At the time, De Kesel had said: “I know the Church made him suffer. He remained faithful. Faithful to himself, open and faithful to the questioning of man in our time. Faithful to the Gospel and, I can and I think should say, faithful to this same Church, people of God.”

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