Andrew Kenny – The Antithesis of Apartheid


The writer of this article, a white English long-time resident of South Africa named Andrew Kenny, describes his experiences in the exclusive Afrikaner enclave of Orania in South Africa, his black editor’s rejection of his article for publication, and the writer’s theory as to why South African blacks are uncomfortable with even the existence of Orania.

Kenny believes that blacks don’t like Orania because they see Afrikaners who are self-assured in their own culture while blacks are not self-assured in their cultures. Perhaps there is something to this, but I don’t think his theory hits the situation on its head; it’s more of a glancing blow that almost hits the real reason.

Blacks don’t like Orania because they know that they aren’t capable of creating an Orania for themselves. A black Orania would be filled with poverty and crime, and everybody knows it whether they will admit it to themselves or not. And black leaders know that if the white Afrikaners form a territory full of Oranias that this white nation will grow wealthy and powerful while their black nations fall into weakness and chaos.

That is why Orania is doomed if it cannot attract large numbers of Afrikaners who are willing to adopt their self-sufficient philosophy, and attract them soon. This is difficult because most White Afrikaners are still addicted to non-white labor and averse to performing that type of manual labor for themselves.

Orania can only survive the rage and jealousy of its neighboring blacks if it can field thousands to defend it.

I suspect that is Orania’s plan, but what can they do for their defense in the meantime?

Whenever you hear an African politician calling for “African solutions for African problems,” you know that by “African solutions” he means a German car, English suits, Italian shoes, a clinic in London and, above all, education for his children in a European language.

The African leaders who have these self-doubts and who want their children to be taught in English are painfully aware that the Afrikaners have no such self-doubts, are proud of their culture and their language, and want their children taught in Afrikaans. Afrikaner pride shows up African doubt, and this infuriates a section of the black ruling classes. This explains their anger against Afrikaners teaching in Afrikaans at Afrikaans universities.

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