Funding ‘Toys For Police’: Best And Worst States To Have Your Assets Seized

As a nation that was formerly dominated by one people who shared a single history, language, values, and similar cultures, the U.S. of old needed very little policing. Now that we’ve become a beautiful nation of diversity in race, language, values, and culture it is no surprise that the police are becoming a domestic military force.
Texas leads the US in civil asset forfeiture, the notorious practice of police seizing property from suspects who have not been convicted of any crime, according to a new report. Such programs have skyrocketed since the start of the Great Recession.

In 2012, 26 states and the District of Columbia seized a total of $254 million through forfeiture, a new report by the Institute for Justice has found. Texas alone took in nearly 20 percent of those assets with $46 million, followed closely by Arizona with $43 million. Illinois was third with almost $20 million. Most states have little to no requirement to report civil asset forfeitures, though, and 2012 is the most recent year that consistent data from states was available.

In the report, titled ‘Policing for Profit,’ the Institute for Justice also graded each state on its forfeiture practices, looking at criteria like the share of forfeited funds that cops get to keep and protections for innocent owners. New Mexico, which reformed its laws on the practice in July, received an A-, the highest grade given. It was followed by Maine, North Carolina, Indiana and Missouri, which all received a B+.

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  1. agent provocateur

     /  12 November 2015

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  2. Grandtrines

     /  13 November 2015

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    Time to abolish all civil forfeiture unless it is post-conviction and directly related to the commission of the same (felony) conviction.



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