Matt Heimbach – A Thought Criminal In Airstrip One: My Ban from England

The Community Security Trust was one of the primary groups which petitioned the British government to ban me on the basis of my supposed antisemitism. The CST is a Jewish group whose mission is to “To work at all times for the physical protection and defense of British Jews… To promote good relations between British Jews and the rest of British society by working towards the elimination of racism, and antisemitism in particular” and to “To facilitate Jewish life.” Anyone who has actually read my writings or listened to my speeches rather than copy-pasting snippets and soundbites knows that I have no hatred for the Jewish people as a whole.

What I hate and work against is International Zionism and the Jewish elites who use usury, the mass media, and control of our university system and political life to work against the best interests of Christians and Europeans around the world. Anne Frank is not my enemy. Jewish billionaire elites like Sheldon Adelson are. For the CST to think I am a threat to their mission statement of “facilitating Jewish life,” one must necessarily conclude that their view of “Jewish life” is economically, politically, and socially destroying Europeans in our own Homelands.

The CST trains a paramilitary force of security contractors to always be on the lookout for antisemitism and to protect Jews against non-Jews. I think we all know that if a British nationalist organization began training paramilitaries to provide security for British people against the hordes of immigrant criminals, the project would be actively attacked by the English government. Jewish communities in England have also launched Shomrim organizations, quasi-police units made up of Jews to patrol English streets. Jewish groups get to abide by a special set of rules that Goyim are not allowed to have.

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