Brandan Robertson – A New Kind of Evangelical

A new kind of evangelical: Liberal.

Perhaps their Millennial hearts are in the right place. They dislike the negative tones of their conservative brethren; they want to love everyone.

The problem is, they are willing to water down the Faith and destroy Christian nations in their limitless and utopian compassion. They unwittingly play into the hands of our enemies, both worldly and spiritual.

“Brandan Robertson: Progressive Christian commentator, thought-leader, and humanitarian at the intersections of spirituality, sexuality, and social renewal. Executive Director of Nomad Partnerships.”

[. . .] I remember a time in college where I was sitting around chatting with a few friends at my Bible College. One of them was a young Canadian and another was a middle aged, former soldier in the Army. As we conversed with each other, we ended up on the topic of politics and how many businesses in the United States give millions to political and social causes and somehow we ended up talking about who the fast-food chain, McDonalds, supports.

My Army friend made the statement that “McDonalds is terrible because it gives millions to causes and organizations that you (speaking of me) directly oppose: LGBTQ Rights Campaigns, Planned Parenthood etc.”

I was taken aback by this statement because my friend simply assumed that because everyone in this conversation identified as an Evangelical, we all held a certain set of political and social beliefs. I was taken aback because for him (and for thousands of others), “Evangelical” meant something far more than a theological persuasion. In the midst of this awkward moment, I decided to reveal my identity as a politically progressive Evangelical which resulted in an unbelievable amount of tension to arise in our conversation.

How could I, a self-proclaimed Evangelical, possibly support the LGBTQ community’s right to marry? How could I think that Planned Parenthood could ever do any good or that President Obama’s plan to rapidly decrease the numbers of abortions in the United States was progress in any way? [. . .]

[. . .] But we also want to be politically engaged. We are seeking to allow our faith to inform every area of our political engagement- not in an attempt to “bring America back to it’s Christian roots” or to legislate the Bible, but rather because we have come to believe that true discipleship requires us to seek to love our neighbors and work for the common good of all people. In the past, mixing faith and politics meant aligning yourself with one party, one set of values, and one political bent.

But the new generation of Evangelicals is seeking holistic biblical politics that require us to be pro-life in regards to abortion, yes, and also in regards to war, the death penalty, gun violence, and civil rights. That requires us to be faithful stewards of our personal and corporate finances but also to seek the good of those who find themselves below the poverty line and provide health care to the least of these. [. . .]

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