Houston Mayor ‘Running Out of Runway’ on HERO Relaunch


With any luck, the people of Houston will purge themselves of their Gomorrah government. Many people have grown quite sick of the fruits of degenerate tolerance.

Houston’s next mayor will be either state Representative Sylvester Turner, who supports HERO, or former Kemah mayor Bill King, who opposes it. They meet in a runoff December 12.

Parker said if King prevails, LGBT advocates could launch a petition drive to place a new HERO on the ballot. But HERO opponents are already preparing to block any reincarnation of the ordinance.

Last week, the Houston Chronicle reported that HERO opponents have made 300,000 phone calls encouraging voters to ask City Council members not to resurrect HERO, which would have protected Houstonians from discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, race and 11 other characteristics.

The anti-HERO Campaign for Houston has endorsed King and four City Council candidates running against those backed by LGBT groups in advance of the December runoff.

“If Sylvester Turner is elected mayor, then you can be sure that he will try to pass the Bathroom Ordinance again,” longtime anti-LGBT activist Steve Hotze wrote in a Campaign for Houston e-mail last week. “The only way to prevent this is by electing a mayor and members of city council who oppose the Bathroom Ordinance.”

Read more at the Texas Observer

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