Five Girls Want To Become First Female Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America

They’re courageously tearing down every social boundary, aren’t they? And these young girls came up with this idea all by themselves, without any prompting from outside I suppose.

Why not let grown men join the Girl Scouts, while we’re tearing down walls?

Five girls in California are attempting to break down a barrier that has stood for more than a century, by joining the Boy Scouts of America.

The girls, ranging in age from 10 to 13, formed an alternate scouting group called the Unicorns after becoming bored with the activities offered by their local Girl Scouts troop, like selling cookies and writing letters.

What they really want, however, is to join the Boy Scouts. They turned up to a meeting of regional Boy Scout leadership earlier this month in makeshift uniforms, complete with red felt vests, and presented their membership applications one-by-one.

Read more at the Telegraph.

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  1. I’m actually happy this is happening. I was part of the Girl Scouts when I was a little girl, and it was nothing but things a girl “should” do, like garden, bake, do arts and crafts, and mindless things while the boys do “tough” and “manly” things. Way to go girls!


    • Too many tough and manly girls combined with too many weak and effeminate boys causes society to unravel. Male-only spaces should be preserved and promoted, just as female-only spaces should also be promoted, because men or boys grow in the bonds of their camaraderie, just as girls do.

      I don’t have a problem if girls want to learn how to fish and hunt or build campfires, but there is no need for them to infiltrate a boys-only society to do so. Let them form their own club if their movement is so popular.

      However much some people would like the physical and psychological differences in the sexes to mean nothing, reality dictates otherwise. When a society pretends that this reality doesn’t exist, its people grow depressed and dysfunctional, and eventually reality comes knocking on the door.


      • I see where you’re coming from, but I disagree. Why should it be a “boys only” zone? Is there something wrong with a girl going in a “boys only” zone? The problem is that people will see it as discriminatory if you don’t let them in. It’s not fair because why do they need their own group? Why are people making such a big deal out of it? Girl wants to join group, ok, no big deal. It should not make a news headline. Plus, the whole “boys” and “girls” scout groups are actually pretty sexist. The girls do all the “feminine” or “delicate” things, while the boys do all the “manly” things. I also found this funny how this post was on the feminism tag.


        • “I also found this funny how this post was on the feminism tag.” Yeah, I suppose I was asking for it. 🙂

          I think we have a fundamental difference in how we view the world. I’ve noticed that otherwise highly intelligent people will disagree on many fundamental social issues. One wonders why that is, why rational people would reach very different conclusions about humanity. Is one wrong and the other right? Surely each of them would consider themselves on the side of right.

          The fact is, there is nothing logical about human society. We have rational parts of our brains, but we also have the animal parts that rely on feelings, intuition, etc. People place different values on different things. And most moral people—which I can tell that you are—try to elevate humanity to act according to what we perceive to be a higher nature, but people don’t always agree on what that nature is.

          I’m presuming that you value equality and civility. I value civility in discourse (and thank you for your civility, by the way) but I don’t value total equality. In fact, I oppose it in many cases because I think that total equality conflicts with the fundamental realities of how humans are.

          So probably our philosophical differences are unbridgeable, but I thank you for sharing your opinion so kindly. It’s usually interesting to see how someone else sees the world and why they see it that way.


      • You’re completely right and I know what you’re saying, but the truth is, if we don’t have total equality, women will just be seen as baby makers and men will just be seen as the money makers. This is wrong because women AND men are more than that. That ideal limits people to what they can do, and it doesn’t give people freedom. (feminism isn’t just about women, remember) and I understand what you mean about society changing if we have full equality, but I’m talking more about the rape culture and how men think they can get away with raping a woman because “she wanted it” or “she asked for it. she was wearing revealing clothing.” We need to stop and ask ourselves why these stereotypes and excuses are still valid today. I want to destroy gender roles. I want more stay at home dads, and more female CEOs. We need to see people as people, not their gender. I understand where you’re coming from, and I appreciate how you’re speaking in such a polite manner, but honestly, we need more people to believe in FULL equality. It will grant more women and MEN more respect. Thank you for your thoughtful response. 🙂 I hope you understand where I’m coming from. I want the high women rape statistics to go down, I want women to feel more comfortable wearing what they want, and I want women to not feel lower then a male in the workplace. Don’t you?



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