Rush Limbaugh: Trump’s Supposed New Consideration for a Third Party Run is More Media Manipulation

Most of the transcript covers Limbaugh’s questions and speculations as to why the Establishment Republicans hate Trump so much. But he also answers a caller who is worried about news that suggests Trump is again thinking of running as an independent despite having signed a pledge in which he promised not to do so.

And so now Trump is saying that they’re attacking him, and it’s the media that is saying Trump could change his mind, Michael.  Trump has not, to my knowledge. Unless there’s a story out there I’ve missed, Trump has not specifically said he would renounce the deal.  He’s just complained about the way he’s being treated and that this was not part of the deal, and the media has taken it from there suggesting Trump could change his mind.  And the whole idea of Trump going third party… Here’s an example.

I happen to have this in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers right here. It’s  “Trump Resurfaces Idea of Third-Party Run — Donald Trump is again raising the possibility that he might run for president as a third-party candidate, suggesting that the Republican Party is not meeting its end of their loyalty ‘deal.’ Responding to reports that independent super-PACs are planning attack ads against his candidacy, the billionaire Republican front-runner tweeted on Monday: ‘@WSJ reports that @GOP getting ready to treat me unfairly — big spending planned against me. That wasn’t the deal!'”

That’s all Trump has said, Michael.

It’s the Drive-Bys hoping that it means he would go third party.


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