Steve Sailer – “How to Decimate a City”–Eisenhower’s 59 Year-Old Freeway Causing Black Slums Today

Eisenhower's Highway construction is responsible for Syracuse's black slums--after how many years?

For example, here’s a big article in The Atlantic about how the current troubles of black people in Syracuse, NY are due to the construction of an elevated highway during the Eisenhower Administration:

How to Decimate a City

Syracuse thought that by building a giant highway in the middle of town it could become an economic powerhouse. Instead, it got a bad bout of white flight and the worst slum problem in America.


The article doesn’t explain exactly when I-81 was built, but does say the money was raised in 1956, which was 59 years ago.

Commenters have jumped in to top the article’s sense of historical causality by saying that it wasn’t really the highway that ruined Syracuse economically, it was construction of the New York Central railroad and/or the Erie Canal, which was during the Clinton Administration (DeWitt Clinton, that is).

Nor is it fashionable to compare geographies to reality check one’s theories. For example, lots of upstate New York cities didn’t build elevated highways through downtown, but are also struggling today.

Read more at VDARE

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