Why Did Turks Shoot Down Russian Plane? To Prevent Russian Troops From Passing the Bosphorus Strait

Unidentified aircraft goes down in Kizildag region of Turkey's Hatay province, close to the Syrian border

Ah, the actions of Turkey now make sense. The incident with the Russian plane, shot down without warning after a mere 17 second incursion, provides some pretext for NATO locking the Russians out of the Bosphorus, bottling up their ground troops in the Black Sea to prevent them from reaching Syria.

Will Obama and the Turks have the fortitude to really uphold this policy in order to protect ISIS oil revenues, depose Assad, and humiliate Putin? If they do, I imagine that Putin will prefer to use a limited ground force that can be transported by air rather than start a nuclear war. He could also transport troops through much longer routes from Russia’s Baltic and Northern naval bases.

It’s funny that the side of NATO, in our support for ISIS and Erdogan’s Muslim Brotherhood, now represents an “evil empire” while Russia is acting as a force for international good and stability.  The slobbering idiots in America, however, only see a revanchist USSR acting aggressively to prop up a dictator, if they even see that much.

Of course, the globalists have planned a third world war for some time, one that would force at least a large portion of the globe to accept international government and a loss of their individual rights. It doesn’t seem like Russia and China are quite ready for such a war, but then neither is Europe or the United States.  There is some chance that this could escalate very quickly.

Pavel Felgengauer said Ankara is seeking to protect a zone in northern Syria controlled by its allies, the Turkmens.

After the downing of the the Russian warplane on Tuesday, Moscow must either accept this zone “or start a war with Turkey” which it could only win by going nuclear, he said.

“It is most likely that it will be war,” said Felgenhauer, an analyst for liberal Novaya Gazeta.

“In other words, more fights will follow when Russian planes attack Turkish aircraft in order to protect our bombers.

” It is possible that there will be fights between the Russian and Turkish navies at sea.”

He warned: “Probably the Turks will shut down the Bosphorus – and other NATO countries will join this conflict.

“And in such a conflict Russia has very little chance unless it uses its nuclear weapons.”

The Bosphorus is the only channel by which Russia’s Black Sea fleet can reach the Mediterranean.

Read more at The Mirror.

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