Globalist Pope: Without Cooperation We Don’t Move Forward, Pope Says at UN in Kenya

More talks of global cooperation and an end to fanaticism and tribalism from the UN’s pope.

Speaking at the United Nations office in Nairobi, Kenya, Pope Francis said on Thursday that working together is necessary to conquer problems, whether in the realms of politics, health, or development.

No country “can act independently of a common responsibility. If we truly desire positive change, we have to humbly accept our interdependence, Pope Francis said Nov. 26, repeating his words from an Address to Popular Movements this July.

The Pope was in Kenya Nov. 25-27 as part of a larger African tour that will also take him to Uganda and the Central African Republic later this week.

“The problem arises whenever we think of interdependence as a synonym for domination, or the subjection of some to the interests of others, of the powerless to the powerful,” the Pope explained to those gathered at the U.N. hall. “What is needed is sincere and open dialogue, with responsible cooperation on the part of all: political authorities, the scientific community, the business world and civil society.”

When politics, science and business work together, with the “human person and human dignity the point of departure and the goal of everything,” he said, substantial change can occur.

Read more at EWTN.

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