DC Whispers – Trump & Cruz Refuse To Play Media’s WarGames…

via DC Whispers:

In the forty-eight hours prior to last night’s CNN Republican debate, the media repeated every hour on the hour how the Trump and Cruz campaigns appeared to be turning on one another.

Then came the debate, and both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz reduced that attempted media meme to a pathetic shambles.

The media wanted the two top GOP candidates to weaken one another, as did Marco Rubio who has seen his star fade somewhat in the last month as Cruz has enjoyed a significant surge in the latest polls.

Instead of focusing on Donald Trump, Ted Cruz turned his powerful and incisive rhetorical skills upon Mr. Rubio, catching both Rubio, the media, and the GOP Establishment by surprise. While Rubio held his own, most observers appear to feel Cruz ultimately won the back and forth battle. It was a battle the GOP Establishment wanted to see diminish Donald Trump, not Marco Rubio.

Ted Cruz refused to play along with their plans.

Read more at DC Whispers.

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