A Swede Describes the Plight of His Country’s Gun Owners in the Face of Muslim Invasion


via the comments section of SHTF School:

Mellanmjölk says:

Warning: Long post

Thoughts from Sweden… what a lot of people can se here is that the terror is ‘closing in’. We are used to live in a cold introvert country, almost forgotten by the rest of the world, kind of taking care of our own business.

And suddenly, a lot of people feel sadness and sorrow when visiting IKEA, thinking of the victims of the brutal beheading that happened in Västerås. The government absolutely refuse to call it an terror act, but that is exactly what is was.

The same government also violently press 200.000 asylum seekers down our throats, with the result that almost all ‘kommuner’ (=lokal counties) will have huge tax increases next year.

Because of the huge amount of asylum seekers, a lot of refugee ‘camps’ is all over the country, especially in small cities at the countryside. Combined with huge tax increases, there is clear ‘tension’ between the swedes and the refugees. A lot of refuge camps have burnt down. Sometimes even inflicted by the refugees themself because of ‘poor food’ and living conditions. A large part of the police force is stationed out to the refugee camps to retain order, and all other crimes in the society has now low priority, resulting in an overall increase in crimes.

The crime rates (especially rape related) are increasing very fast. A huge problem this year in southern Sweden is criminals using hand grenades at each other when solving disputes. One grenade cost only 2 USD at the illegal market.

The ability to self defense with weapons is non-existent in Sweden, unless you go for a hunting permit. It’s unknown if there are any preppers that go ‘All In’ for a hunting permit just for defense purpose. Why? Read below. The prepping movement is ridiculed and compared to Doomsday Prepping. At the largest swedish speaking survivalist forum, http://swedishsurvivalist.egetforum.se/ , according to their rules: “No talks whatsoever of weapons or migrant crisis. All threads will be deleted”. It’s f*ckin absurd!!!

Sweden is a country with a lot of hunters, approx 300.000 (of a population of 10 million). The weapon regulations is one of the hardest in the world. To get an ordinary shotgun permit you have to attend to an advanced training, and hard theoretical and practical exam. (In my case it took halv a year with everyday studying and a lot of practice at a shooting range. It was way harder than getting a driving license, but I had no prior experience in hunting).

There are a limited choice of weapons they are quite expensive. The weapons license have to be paid for and approved by the police after a meticulous investigation that can take half a year. All weapons have to be stored in approved and certified locked gun cabinets.

To sum it up: It cost a HUGE amount of money to own the simpliest low budget rifle or shotgun in Sweden. A minimum entry price, all inclusive, will be 30.000 SEK (approx. 3550 USD) and a lot of time invested. So, weapon owners in Sweden is the most law-abiding citizens here, because even the smallest minor legal offense will result in confiscated weapons. Even doctors and psychologists have a obligation (according to law !!), to report all patients to the police that could be temporary depressed and therefor suicide risk. Or if your doctor suspect that you are drinking to much or using illigal substances. So if you are a huntsman in Sweden, visiting a psychiatrist is a big: NOPE! Forget it! No way in hell!

With all that backround, you might now understand the frustration in the hunting community, when the new EU-directive (that came after the Paris attacks) demands 5 year maximum length of weapon permits, mandatory health exam and outlawed confiscated halfautomatic rifles. Some hunters now discuss how to obtain illegal weapons, purely for self defense.

So, to answer your question: YES, there is much more fear and preparedness compared to one year ago. And for you who think Sweden is a safe zone: It’s changing fast. Very fast. And the governement is slowly starting to lose control.

Read at SHTF School.

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