Transcript: NPR’s Interview With President Obama

via NPR:

[. . .]

INSKEEP: You’ve acknowledged this requires patience. It can be a slow process. During that slow process, there might be more attacks on the United States. In October, before San Bernardino, a Justice Department official stated that he believed that domestic terrorists were a greater threat to the United States than international groups like al-Qaida or ISIS.

Do you believe that still now, after San Bernardino and Paris?

OBAMA: I don’t know the exact citation that you are referring to. If you just …

INSKEEP: John Carlin on Oct. 14.

OBAMA: If you just look at the numbers, then non-Islamic, non-foreign-motivated terrorist actions have killed at least as many Americans on American soil as those who were promoted by jihadists. But what we have also seen is ISIL evolve, because of the sophistication of their social media, to a point where they may be inspiring more attacks, even if they are self-initiated, even if they don’t involve complex planning, than we would have seen two years ago, three years ago, five years ago.

Read more at NPR.

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