Pat Buchanan – Low Fertility, Migrant Invasions, and Sub-National Independence Movements are Fracturing Europe


[. . .]

Anti-immigrant, right-wing parties are making strides all across Europe, as the EU is bedeviled by a host of crises.

Europe’s open borders that facilitate free trade also assure freedom of travel to homegrown terrorists.

Mass migration into the EU is causing member nations to put up checkpoints and close borders. The Schengen Agreement on the free movement of goods and people is being ignored or openly violated.

The economic and cultural clash between a rich northern Europe and a less affluent south — Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal — manifest in the bad blood between Athens and Berlin, endures.

Northern Europeans grow weary of repeated bailouts of a south that chafes at constant northern demands for greater austerity.

Then there is the surge of sub-nationalism, as in Scotland, Catalonia, Flanders, and Veneto, where peoples seek to disconnect from distant capitals that no longer speak for them, and reconnect with languages, traditions and cultures that give more meaning to their lives than the economics-uber-alles ideology of Frau Angela Merkel.

Moreover, the migrants entering Europe, predominantly Islamic and Third World, are not assimilating as did the European and largely Christian immigrants to America of a century ago.

The enclaves of Asians in Britain, Africans and Arabs around Paris, and Turks in and around Berlin seem to be British, French and German in name only. And some of their children are now heeding the call to jihad against the Crusaders invading Muslim lands.

The movement toward deeper European integration appears to have halted, and gone into reverse, as the EU seems to be unraveling along ideological, national, tribal and historic lines.

If these trends continue, and they seem to have accelerated in 2015, the idea of a United States of Europe dies, and with it the EU.

And this raises a question about the most successful economic and political union in history — the USA.

How does an increasingly multiracial, multiethnic, multilingual, multicultural United States avoid the fate to which Europe appears to be headed, when there is no identifiable racial or ethnic majority here in 2042?

Are our own political and racial divisions disappearing, or do they, too, seem to be deepening?

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1st Syrian ‘Refugees’ Arrive In S.C. Despite Governor’s Concerns

via WND:

A pair of Syrians were secretly planted last week in Midlands, near the state capital of Columbia, without even the governor’s office being notified. And more Syrians are on their way to the Palmetto State, the South Carolina Department of Social Services confirmed to WND.

The Syrians are being resettled in South Carolina by Lutheran Services Carolinas, a private agency affiliated with Lutheran Migration and Refugee Service, one of nine contractors who receive hundreds of millions in federal taxpayer money to resettle foreign refugees in the U.S.

[. . .]

The refugees are sent to 180 cities and towns in 49 states under the authority of the Refugee Act of 1980, apparently with little to no oversight required by Congress or even acquiescence from the states, according to Richard’s testimony.

Before the Paris attack, Haley had supported the refugee program even though several counties in her state were protesting and saying they didn’t want the refugees, citing security and financial reasons.

But in South Carolina, just as in many of the other states where governors have protested, it is now clear that the Syrians will continue to arrive without the permission of the governor or the state’s congressional delegations.

All eyes had been on Spartanburg since March, when the evangelical World Relief Corp. said it planned to resettle 60 refugees this year, some of them from Syria. But it turned out to be Columbia, and the Lutherans made the first strike in what activists are describing as an unwelcomed invasion of Middle Eastern Muslims.

More than 97 percent of the nearly 2,300 Syrian refugees resettled in the U.S. since the start of the Syrian civil war have been Muslim, and the vast majority of those are Sunni Muslims, the same sect from which come followers of al-Qaida, ISIS, al-Nusra Front and other terrorist organizations. Almost all of the 85,000 refugees who will be resettled in the U.S. this year will be hand-selected by the United Nations refugee agency.

In South Carolina, five counties – Anderson, Berkeley, Lawrence, Greenville and Pickens – have already passed resolutions saying refugees are not welcome.

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A Swede Describes the Plight of His Country’s Gun Owners in the Face of Muslim Invasion

via the comments section of SHTF School:

Mellanmjölk says:

Warning: Long post

Thoughts from Sweden… what a lot of people can se here is that the terror is ‘closing in’. We are used to live in a cold introvert country, almost forgotten by the rest of the world, kind of taking care of our own business.

And suddenly, a lot of people feel sadness and sorrow when visiting IKEA, thinking of the victims of the brutal beheading that happened in Västerås. The government absolutely refuse to call it an terror act, but that is exactly what is was.

The same government also violently press 200.000 asylum seekers down our throats, with the result that almost all ‘kommuner’ (=lokal counties) will have huge tax increases next year.

Because of the huge amount of asylum seekers, a lot of refugee ‘camps’ is all over the country, especially in small cities at the countryside. Combined with huge tax increases, there is clear ‘tension’ between the swedes and the refugees. A lot of refuge camps have burnt down. Sometimes even inflicted by the refugees themself because of ‘poor food’ and living conditions. A large part of the police force is stationed out to the refugee camps to retain order, and all other crimes in the society has now low priority, resulting in an overall increase in crimes.

The crime rates (especially rape related) are increasing very fast. A huge problem this year in southern Sweden is criminals using hand grenades at each other when solving disputes. One grenade cost only 2 USD at the illegal market.

The ability to self defense with weapons is non-existent in Sweden, unless you go for a hunting permit. It’s unknown if there are any preppers that go ‘All In’ for a hunting permit just for defense purpose. Why? Read below. The prepping movement is ridiculed and compared to Doomsday Prepping. At the largest swedish speaking survivalist forum, , according to their rules: “No talks whatsoever of weapons or migrant crisis. All threads will be deleted”. It’s f*ckin absurd!!!

Sweden is a country with a lot of hunters, approx 300.000 (of a population of 10 million). The weapon regulations is one of the hardest in the world. To get an ordinary shotgun permit you have to attend to an advanced training, and hard theoretical and practical exam. (In my case it took halv a year with everyday studying and a lot of practice at a shooting range. It was way harder than getting a driving license, but I had no prior experience in hunting).

There are a limited choice of weapons they are quite expensive. The weapons license have to be paid for and approved by the police after a meticulous investigation that can take half a year. All weapons have to be stored in approved and certified locked gun cabinets.

To sum it up: It cost a HUGE amount of money to own the simpliest low budget rifle or shotgun in Sweden. A minimum entry price, all inclusive, will be 30.000 SEK (approx. 3550 USD) and a lot of time invested. So, weapon owners in Sweden is the most law-abiding citizens here, because even the smallest minor legal offense will result in confiscated weapons. Even doctors and psychologists have a obligation (according to law !!), to report all patients to the police that could be temporary depressed and therefor suicide risk. Or if your doctor suspect that you are drinking to much or using illigal substances. So if you are a huntsman in Sweden, visiting a psychiatrist is a big: NOPE! Forget it! No way in hell!

With all that backround, you might now understand the frustration in the hunting community, when the new EU-directive (that came after the Paris attacks) demands 5 year maximum length of weapon permits, mandatory health exam and outlawed confiscated halfautomatic rifles. Some hunters now discuss how to obtain illegal weapons, purely for self defense.

So, to answer your question: YES, there is much more fear and preparedness compared to one year ago. And for you who think Sweden is a safe zone: It’s changing fast. Very fast. And the governement is slowly starting to lose control.

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Matt Parrott – German Schoolchildren are Race Rioting

Police officers

The Mirror is reporting an uncomfortable development. An East German middle school erupted in a godawful race riot which sent several children to the hospital. Reportedly, ethnically Germany schoolchildren went berserk without provocation, sending several Middle Eastern schoolgirls to the hospital with serious injuries.

Rioting teenage children attacked and seriously injured refugee classmates invited into their school in Germany.

Police in Leipzig said a mob of German children, aged 13 and 14, attacked the refugees.

They spat on them, threw sticks and stones, punched, kicked and, in one instance, slammed a door shut on a victim’s head.

I’m mindful that we’re only receiving one side of the story. We’re only receiving one side of the story on the incident itself and on the atmosphere at the school leading up to the incident. Witnesses described the incident as Lord of the Flies, the novel we were all assigned in school in which children stranded on an island descend into barbarism, cruelty, and desperation in the absence of adult guidance and civilization. With Merkel at the helm, there’s certainly an absence of adult guidance and civilization.

Germany has been so vigilant against the bogeyman of “neo-Nazism” that they failed to anticipate the crisis erupting in the places most acutely affected by this dereliction of stewardship: the nation’s public schools. The globalists are working to outlaw and suppress nationalist ideals by banning the NPD and imposing totalitarian controls on free expression. They’re operating under the false premise that ethnic conflict is an artificial ideology injected into children rather than an organic and natural phenomenon which will erupt under predictable conditions.

They’re currently on a witch hunt to figure out the politics of the parents, and the state will most likely kidnap their children if they find any evidence of pride in or defense of their German heritage.

At least one of the attackers comes from a neo-Nazi family, it has been reported.

Hopefully a voice will emerge from among the children or their families with the courage to tell the complete story. I’m doubtful, though. The globalists are simply too powerful for these working class children and their parents to defy. The elites’ White Genocide project is transitioning from a cool and gradual administrative displacement phenomenon into a heated and aggressive genocide. Each attempt to fight back, even if it’s by mere children, will be all the more confirmation of the blood libel guilt of the German people and predication for further displacement, replacement, and dispossession.

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Dallas Mayor Says He’s More Fearful Of Armed White Men Than Syrian Refugees

via the Daily Stormer

The Democratic mayor of Dallas cites that fun but misleading statistic about right-wing terrorists being more common in the United States than Muslim terrorists.

Texas is in trouble, beginning with the rot of its large cities. “Welcome New Yorkers and Californians and Mexicans and refugees! We need more ‘culture’ and ‘diversity’ to attract creative people!” It’s a concerted effort to turn the state liberal and put a final political end to us evil White men.

Speaking to MSNBC on Saturday morning, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings was asked to discuss the growing anxiety over Syrian refugees entering the United States, purportedly due to concerns they could be potential agents for militant groups such as ISIS. Rawlings staunchly rejected the assertion that Syrians are somehow uniquely prone to violence, saying he is more concerned with the rise of white supremacy and the recent flurry of mass shootings committed by white men.

“I am more fearful of large gatherings of white men that come into schools, theaters and shoot people up, but we don’t isolate young white men on this issue,” Rawlings said.

He also said that vilifying refugees only helps ISIS, as doing so falls into their “trap.” He then pushed back on the notion that ISIS is somehow representative of Islam.

“ISIS is no more Islamic than Nazi senior staff was Christian,” he said. He also subtly challenged Christian governors and other followers of Christ who have rejected refugees, referencing Jesus’ scriptural call to “welcome the stranger” in Matthew 25:41-43, asking, “Christ following people like myself — how do we deal with this issue of strangers, and are we going to let them in?”

Rawlings’ position is in line with current statistics on domestic terrorism, which show that right-wing terrorists have killed more people than “homegrown jihadists” since September 11, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. This includes this summer’s tragic church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, when avowed white supremacist Dylann Roof murdered 9 African American worshippers in cold blood after sitting with them in a group Bible study for an hour. Another Christian white supremacist, Larry McQuilliams, attempted to burn down the Mexican consulate in Austin, Texas last year, firing more than 100 rounds in the downtown area before being shot dead by a police officer while trying to enter a police station. More recently, the FBI successfully thwarted a white supremacist plan to bomb and shoot up black churches and synagogues, and groups of armed, primarily white men continue to protest regularly outside of mosques in places such as Texas: Over the weekend, a group of armed men protested outside a Muslim house of worship in Irving, Texas.


Full Text of the Federal Threat Letter Sent to States that Refuse Syrian “Refugees”

Resettlement of Syrian Refugees

Dear Colleague Letter 16-02

Published: November 25, 2015

Dear Colleague,

The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) remains committed to serving some of the world’s most vulnerable people, those seeking refuge in the United States. ORR’s role, which is a collaborative effort with you, the states, local governments, resettlement agencies and community-based organizations, is to help refugees achieve economic self-sufficiency and integration as quickly as possible after they arrive in the United States so they can begin new lives free from war, persecution and conflict.

We appreciate the continued strong commitment that many state and local leaders have expressed for the U.S. resettlement program and pledge to work with all states implementing the President’s plan to resettle at least 10,000 Syrian refugees in the United States in FY 2016.

ORR is aware that state and local leaders, including some governors, have expressed concern about the resettlement of Syrian refugees in their states. In light of these concerns, we note that the resettlement process begins with the work of our federal agency partners in screening and vetting refugees. All refugees are subject to the highest level of security checks of any category of traveler to the United States, a multi-layered and intensive screening and vetting process involving multiple law enforcement, national security, and intelligence agencies across the Federal Government. Syrian refugees are subject to even more precautions than other refugees. It is the most robust screening process for any category of individuals seeking admissions into the United States, and it is only after admission that ORR and our partners in resettlement begin our work.

The Refugee Act of 1980 requires states to provide “assistance and services . . . to refugees without regard to race, religion, nationality, sex, or political opinion.” 8 U.S.C. §1522(a)(5). Through the state plan process, states and ORR agree on the resettlement activities in each state. Consistent with the Refugee Act, state plans must include an assurance that “assistance and services funded under the plan will be provided to refugees without regard to race, religion, nationality, sex, or political opinion.”  45 CFR §400.5(g).  States must certify that their state plan is current and continues in effect each fiscal year.  See 45 CFR §400.4.

States that continue to use ORR funding must ensure that assistance and services are delivered without regard to race, religion, nationality, sex, or political opinion. States may not deny ORR-funded benefits and services to refugees based on a refugee’s country of origin or religious affiliation. Accordingly, states may not categorically deny ORR-funded benefits and services to Syrian refugees.  Any state with such a policy would not be in compliance with the state plan requirements, applicable statutes, and their own assurances, and could be subject to enforcement action, including suspension or termination.  In addition to these authorities, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. §2000d, prohibits discrimination on the bases of race and national origin in all programs or activities that receive Federal financial assistance. Thus, it is not permissible to deny federally funded benefits such as Medicaid or TANF to refugees who otherwise meet the eligibility requirements.

ORR is committed to ensuring that all refugees receive the assistance and services vital to achieving their potential in the United States and becoming self-sufficient, integrated members of our communities. You play an important role in the refugee resettlement program. We will continue to consult with you closely in the implementation of the program and to allay any concerns you may have about the program. We look forward to continuing our partnership with you.

Robert Carey, Director
Office of Refugee Resettlement

US Office of Refugee Resettlement Threatens States to Admit Syrian Refugees or Face ‘Enforcement Action’


via Refugee Resettlement Watch.

“Any state with such a policy. . . could be subject to enforcement action, including suspension and termination.”

So they’re going to fire any state that refuses to accommodate these “refugees”? If only that were the case.

In a letter this week, the Office of Refugee Resettlement threatens states concerned about resettling Syrians with punitive responses if they refuse to accept the refugees. ORR explains that states may not refuse ORR-funded benefits for refugees on the basis of religion and national origin.

“Accordingly, states may not categorically deny ORR-funded benefits and services to Syrian refugees,” ORR Director Robert Carey wrote in the letter. “Any state with such a policy would not be in compliance with the State Plan requirements, applicable statutes, and their own assurances, and could be subject to enforcement action, including suspension and termination.”

[. . .]

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) slammed the Obama administration for its aggressive stance toward concerned states.

“While the United States has the most generous refugee system in the world, the American people are rightly concerned about admitting Syrian refugees and the impact it would have on the safety of their families and neighbors,” Goodlatte said in a statement. “In light of these concerns, the majority of state governors have taken positions that reflect the views of their residents.”

He further criticized the administration as “hypocritical” for threatening states that might not comply with refugee resettlement while turning a blind eye to sanctuary cities — that refuse to cooperate with immigration enforcement.

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Pat Buchanan – Will Europe Man Up?

File:Refugee march Hungary 2015-09-04 02.jpg

Buchanan asks whether or not Europe and the rest of the West have the will to survive.

The strength of ISIS, of the Islamist militants, of those willing to die driving the “Crusaders” out of their lands, beheading infidels, imposing sharia, attacking the West, lies in an emptiness in the soul of Western Man.

Many Europeans are the “hollow men” of T. S. Eliot’s depiction.

They have repudiated their cradle faith Christianity, apologized for the sins of their fathers and sought to make reparations, embraced La Dolce Vita, materialism and hedonism, freeloaded off U.S. defense for 70 years, ceased to have children, thrown open their borders to former colonial peoples to come and repopulate the continent, and turned their back on patriotism to celebrate diversity and globalism.

They invited the world in. And the world is coming to enjoy the lavish fruits of their welfare states and, one day, will be using the West’s concept of one-man, one-vote to rule the countries that ruled their ancestors.

The colonized are slowly becoming the conquerors.

The challenge of ISIS is not entirely unhealthy. It will tell us whether Europe has the will to survive.

As for Paris, time to move on. For, given the triumph this has been for ISIS, more such massacres are inevitable.


Indiana Governor Sued For Rejecting Syrian Refugees

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence © David Becker

Indiana Governor Mike Pence is facing a lawsuit over his objection to resettling Syrian refugees in the state. The action is being taken by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) a week after a Syrian family was turned away after an order by Pence.

Pence is accused of violating the Constitution by accepting refugees from other countries, but not Syria. The governor ordered state agencies to stop resettling activities for Syrians after the Paris attacks on 13 November that killed 130 people.

Pence said that his objection was based on the claim that one of the terrorists involved in the Paris attacks arrived in Europe as a refugee, despite the fact that 11 days after the attack this accusation has yet to be confirmed.

The family that was rejected last week had fled war-torn Syria seeking safety, but instead said they felt rejected after arriving amidst a political maelstrom. The couple and their five-year-old son were driven to Connecticut and resettled there.

Indiana has accepted 40 refugees from Syria since 2010, 20 of whom arrived in 2015.

The US House of Representatives voted on Thursday on a bill that sharply increases the security screening of Syrian and Iraqi refugees. If passed in the Senate, it would effectively block President Barack Obama’s plan to settling 10,000 refugees in the US over the next year, but the president has threatened a veto.


Far-Right Party Skyrockets To Top 3 In German Polls Amid Refugee Crisis

Supporters of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) demonstrate against the German government's new policy for migrants in Berlin, Germany, November 7, 2015 © Hannibal Hanschke

The only thing that is remarkable to me is that these far-right parties still have so little support. Perhaps Western countries deserve their fate.
Anti-refugee rhetoric has propelled the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party to third place in the country, a fresh poll has revealed.

According to a weekly survey by INSA, AfD would have received 10.5 percent of the vote if an election was held Wednesday.

This means that the ultranationalist party has surged ahead of left-leaning parties the Greens and Die Linke (Left Party), which both registered 10 percent support.

Support for AfD appears to have skyrocketed in recent months, as they had only 3 percent in the polls as recently as August.

It is also the best result for the party, which was established in 2013 as a Eurosceptic group, but then switched to criticizing Chancellor Angela Merkel’s immigration policies.

One of the party’s key figures, Björn Höcke, has made headlines with hardline nationalist rhetoric. Some of its slogans, such as: “Germans! Three thousand years of Europe, 1,000 years of Germany,” have been compared to Nazi propaganda.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling alliance, comprising the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Christian Social Union in Bavaria (CSU) remains top of the polls with 35 percent, followed by the Social Democrats (SPD) on 23.5 percent, the poll showed.

The left has blamed the CSU for creating the conditions for the growth of the AfD, saying that the conservative Bavarian party made “xenophobic slogans socially acceptable.”

The Christian Social Union has recently called for the building of border fences in response to hundreds of thousands of refugees coming to Germany from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.


The CBS Democratic Debate Transcript

If anyone cares. . . .

[. . .] SANDERS: The Cold War is over. And our focus has got to be on intelligence, increased manpower, fighting internationally targets. So, in terms of refugees, I believe that the United States has the moral responsibility with Europe, with Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia to make sure that when people leave countries like Afghanistan and Syria with nothing more than the clothing on their back that, of course, we reach out.

Now, what the magic number is, I don’t know, because we don’t know the extent of the problem. But I certainly think that the United States should take its full responsibility in helping those people. [. . .]

[. . .] [CLINTON:] But just think about this– since we last debated in Las Vegas, nearly 3,000 people have been killed by guns. Twenty-one mass shootings, including one last weekend in Des Moins where three were murdered. Two hundred children have been killed. This is an emergency. There are a lot of things we’ve got to do in our country, reigning in Wall Street is certainly one of them. I agree with that.

That’s why I’ve got such a good plan. But we have to also go after the gun lobby and 92 percent of Americans agree we should have universal background checks. Close the gun show loophole, close the online loophole and…


DICKERSON: Secretary Clinton, I want to…

CLINTON: I will do everything I can as president to get that accomplished. [. . .]

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Donald Trump Says Tough Gun Control Laws in Paris Contributed to Tragedy

Donald Trump says the tough gun control laws in Paris contributed to the high death toll during a series of terrorist attacks on Friday. The attacks, he added, also reveal the danger in allowing Syrian refugees into the country.

“You can say what you want, but if they had guns — if our people had guns, if they were allowed to carry — it would have been a much, much different situation,” Trump said to cheers during a political rally at an arena in southeast Texas on Saturday afternoon. “I hear it all the time, you know. You look at certain cities that have the highest violence, the highest problem with guns and shootings and killings — Chicago is an example, toughest gun laws in the United States, nothing but problems. So our country better get smart because we’re not smart right now.”

By making that comment, Trump doubled down on a message he tweeted in January, following a smaller-scale terrorist attack: “Isn’t it interesting that the tragedy in Paris took place in one of the toughest gun control countries in the world?” As that dated tweet recirculated on Friday evening, the French ambassador to the United States, Gerard Araud, tweeted at Trump: “This message is repugnant in its lack of any human decency. Vulture.”

Trump started the rally by leading the crowd of several thousand in a moment of silence in remembrance of the 129 people killed in the Paris attacks, which the Islamic State terrorist group has claimed to have organized. Then Trump launched right into the politics of the attacks.

“What is going on is terrible,” Trump said. “And when you look at what happened in that case: It was just reported, one from Syria and our president wants to take in 250,000 from Syria.”

Read more at the Washington Post

Andrew Anglin – Hours Before Paris Attack, Merkel Confirmed Unlimited Moslem Immigration Will Never End

File:Angela Merkel in Kiev, 5 February 2015 (1).jpg

These attacks are more fuel for the fire. Yet somehow I doubt that the ruling governments of Europe will alter their accommodation of the Muslim invaders. They will try to rhetorically separate the “refugees” from the “terrorists”, which we are already seeing.

This could also be used to justify a Western ground invasion of Syria that would neutralize the Russian ground invasion there. The usually anti-war Westerners would whole-heartedly support it, while Putin would diplomatically find it difficult to defy a Western invasion in the aftermath of yesterday’s terrorist attacks.

Hours before the Paris attack began yesterday, the fat childless wench Angela Merkel came out against critics of her “unlimited Moslems forever” immigration plan, saying that there was no chance she would ever attempt to stem the flow of healthy adult Moslem males into Germany.
Wall Street Journal:

Chancellor Angela Merkel said Friday she is sticking to her open-arms policy toward migrants and Germany should show its friendly face toward those people in need of sanctuary, despite sharp inner-party criticism and talk about a government crisis.

“The chancellor has the situation under control and the overall government too. But we have very special, very challenging times,” she said in an interview with German broadcaster ZDF, dismissing speculation that the migration crisis is getting out of hand.

“I am in favor of showing a friendly face of Germany. This is my open-arms policy.”

Ms. Merkel’s open-arms policy toward refugees has spurred disagreement within her own conservative parties, with some officials warning that Germany can’t handle the wave of migrants coming to the country this year. Berlin forecasts around 800,000 people will seek asylum this year, with some officials saying the number might rise to 1 million.

No one is taking the 1 million number seriously at this point.

Read more at the Daily Stormer

“Worst Ever” Attack by Invaders in Calais


via Daily Stormer

At some point it seems likely that the police will have to fire live rounds to subdue these crowds, and when some of these invaders die, the riots will spread across the continent.

The question remains, will the Europeans be able to wake up, overthrow their traitorous leaders, and destroy their foreign enemies before it’s too late?

The trouble began last night at around 11 p.m., when gangs of invaders blockaded the roads leading to the port and the Channel Tunnel, according to police.

The attempt to blockade the road was done to slow traffic so that forced entry could be made into trucks and other vehicles passing through to Britain.

“These attempts went on until 1 a.m., requiring security forces to adapt their set-up as they faced migrants who threw various objects onto the ring road,” a police spokesman was quoted as saying. Police responded by firing “almost 300” tear gas grenades to push the nonwhites back.

“It’s the first time that it’s been this violent and that we’ve unfortunately had so many colleagues injured,” said Gilles Debove of the SGP Police Force Ouvrière union in Calais. “We’re worried that if one day we have a revolt inside the camp, it will be pandemonium.”

He added that officers were concerned about the potential “madness” if there was ever any kind of revolt from those inside the camp.

“The problem is you can’t predict what will happen here. We work from day to day,” Debove said.

“In all honesty we just don’t know what the solution is to this crisis. There are 6,000 people living in this camp. We will do our job and do it with courage but the officers are very downbeat. They have 26 injured colleagues.”

Read more at The New Observer

Andrew Anglin – Moslem to German Man: “We Will Conquer You with Births, We Will Marry Your Daughters!”

Yes, balloons

In this video, a Moslem openly threatens a German man, telling him that his daughter will wear a headscarf and marry a man with a beard. He says that Germans have no chance to continue their existence, given their low birthrates in comparison to the birthrates of Moslems.

He says Germans have “one child and a dog at most,” while Moslems have 7-8 children and marry 4 wives. He says his people will “conquer Europe not with weapons, but with birth rates.”

He claims that this is a punishment from the desert god Allah, for Whites “colonizing and exploiting their countries so they can drive Mercedes and have digital cameras.”

Though the idea that Germans were only able to build Mercedes because they colonized the Middle East is American Negro-tier, he is right about the conquest.

Germany is expected to have received 1.5 million Moslem “migrants” by the end of the year, most of these being young males. German law allows that each of these will be allowed to bring their families, which a CDU politician has estimated will result in 20 million more coming to the country by 2020. [. . .]

[. . .] So when the man in the video says “your daughter will wear a headscarf and marry a man with a beard” he is not so much making a threat is he is stating an objective fact.

Germany has invited a violent, hostile force into their country to conquer them. They have welcomed this military invasion force with balloons.

They have sold the bodies of their daughters, the lives of their sons, in order to feel good about themselves. To ease the emotional pain of being accused of a fake Holocaust of Jews.

Framed as an act of charity, there is not a more selfish, hateful act which has ever been committed in history. They are throwing their ancestors, their children and those who will never have a chance to be born into nonexistence so they can feel good.

And there is no coming back from this. Either it stop very soon, of it’s over.

Austria, Facing Migrant Flood and Far-right Surge, Tightens Rules to Make Asylum ‘Temporary’

The Austrian government fears losing their power more than they fear the presence of thousands of military-aged Muslim men in their midst.

Too bad their measure doesn’t go far enough. In three years, there ought to be enough asylum-seekers to drive the formerly quiet and orderly Austrians to vote for anyone who can get rid of the foreign menace once and for all.

Sometimes I even wonder if, deep down, this was the plan all along. Hmm.

Austria, facing a record influx of migrants as well as a surge in support for the anti-immigration far-right, moved Tuesday to tighten asylum rules in the EU country.

According to a contentious bill, those granted asylum will be reassessed after three years. If their countries of origin are then deemed to be safe, they will be sent back.

Those under “subsidiary protection” — a kind of asylum-lite status awarded in particular to Afghans — will meanwhile only be allowed to be joined by family members after three years, up from one year now.

Chancellor Werner Faymann said that the legislation, due to go before parliament in December, is a “signal that asylum is something which is temporary” aimed at deterring people from coming to Austria.

Rights groups sharply criticized the proposals, saying they would make the integration of migrants into Austrian society more difficult.

The U.N. refugee agency (UNHCR) said tightening rules on relatives coming to Austria “could keep families apart for many years, if not forever.”

Austria has seen some 400,000 migrants enter the country since September, most of whom travel onward to Germany or Scandinavia.

But the government still expects some 85,000 asylum claims this year, making the Alpine country of 8.5 million people one of the highest recipients in Europe on a per-capita basis.

Read more at the Japan Times, where they must be thinking, “Better the dog-faces than us!”

Poles: “Let Us Stand In Defence Of Christianity”

polish football

via NC Links

More encouraging events in Poland . . .

Just a week after Poland voted to kick out every left-wing member of it’s national parliament,[yea, you read that right] ordinary Poles have again shown the spirit which led them to elect the nationalist conservative Law and Justice party, with football fans unveiling an over-sized anti-migration banner at Sunday’s match.

The hand-painted sheet, which is estimated to have been at least 50 feet tall and 75 feet wide depicts boatloads of migrants preparing to land on the southern shore of Europe. Many of the boat’s crews make the one fingered ‘ISIS salute’.

Defending Europe while clutching a sword and a shield showing the crest of the Silesian Wrocław football club, a St. George’s cross-wearing crusader stands ready to fight the migrants, below writing which reads “While Europe Is Flooded With An Islamic Plague”.

Underneath, another 100 foot wide banner hangs from the stalls behind the goal and reads, in a traditional Polish script: “Let Us Stand In Defence Of Christianity”.

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George Soros’ Grand Plan for Europe: Rebuilding the Asylum System

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Soros practically says, “Here is a problem that I have helped to create. And the best way to solve it is to give more powers to international government.”

The European Union needs to accept responsibility for the lack of a common asylum policy, which has transformed this year’s growing influx of refugees from a manageable problem into yet another political crisis. Each member state has selfishly focused on its own interests, often acting against the interests of others. This precipitated panic among asylum seekers, the general public, and the authorities responsible for law and order. Asylum seekers have been the main victims.

The EU needs a comprehensive plan to respond to the crisis, one that reasserts effective governance over the flows of asylum-seekers so that they take place in a safe, orderly way, and at a pace that reflects Europe’s capacity to absorb them. To be comprehensive, the plan has to extend beyond the borders of Europe. It is less disruptive and much less expensive to maintain potential asylum-seekers in or close to their present location.

As the origin of the current crisis is Syria, the fate of the Syrian population has to be the first priority. But other asylum seekers and migrants must not be forgotten. Similarly, a European plan must be accompanied by a global response, under the authority of the United Nations and involving its member states. This would distribute the burden of the Syrian crisis over a larger number of states, while also establishing global standards for dealing with the problems of forced migration more generally.


Soros Admits Involvement In Migrant Crisis: ‘National Borders Are The Obstacle’


The only surprise is that he admits it.

Mr Soros has now issued an email statement to Bloomberg Business, claiming his foundations help “uphold European values”, while Mr Oban’s actions in strengthening the Hungarian border and stopping a huge migrant influx “undermine those values.”

“His plan treats the protection of national borders as the objective and the refugees as an obstacle,” Mr Soros added. “Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.”

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Far-Right Extremists Blamed After Syrians Beaten in Germany

Violence against refugees in Germany reached new heights over the weekend as armed groups attacked Syrians in several towns.

The incidents included a group of at least 20 dark-clothed people — including some armed with baseball bats — targeting a group of asylum seekers early Sunday in Magdeburg, police said. Three Syrian men had to be treated in hospital for bruises and injuries to their faces. One of the attackers was arrested near the scene.

In Wismar, two Syrian men had to be treated in hospital after they were assaulted outside a building which is used as a shelter for refugees. Police said masked attackers armed with baseball bats and other weapons threatened and then beat the pair.

A 26-year-old asylum seeker was injured in Freital, Saxony, after an explosive device detonated in front of his bedroom window. A police spokesperson told NBC News they suspect that the act was motivated by right-wing extremism.

Police also reported several deliberate fires at under-construction refugee shelters.

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