Eric Striker – The Devil Has A Name: Who’s Behind Miley Cyrus’ Antics

via TradYouth:

From circa 2006 to 2011, millions of families throughout our globalized world gathered in front of the Jude-tube to watch the teenage tribute to materialism, feminism, and ugly careerism known as Hannah Montana. The family the show follows is a crude stereotype of the “country bumpkin” Billy Ray worked hard to cultivate and transform into a profitable niche, but in spite of all the passive propaganda (including Miley Cyrus herself claiming it was patterned after Sex in the City, minus the sex ), the show was mostly free of pornography, gore, and suggestiveness–a rare find for parents in the 21st century.

[. . .]

The Annie Liebovitz controversy was an important signal to the Jewish establishment regarding the lack of responsible supervision over Miley Cyrus, and her potential as a vehicle for aggression in their war against mankind. When Hannah Montana came to an end, and Cyrus’ music career began to wane, she signed with the Jew manager Larry Rudolph, and her behavior has gotten more bizarre and viscerally offensive ever since.

Rudolph has specialized in “rejuvenating” the careers of child stars. The sleazy Ashkenazi pimp, in fact, has been credited with the short-lived pop fad of Cyrus’ fellow ex-Disney channel star Britney Spears, who at barely 16 years of age premiered in the 1999 Baby One More Time , where the Jew Nigel Dick collaborated closely with Rudolph to feature the teenage girl gyrating invitingly in pig tails and an erotically tailored catholic school uniform begging men to “hit her” (the song itself was written and produced by almost certain Jew Martin Sandberg aka “Max Martin”, and was played on loop on MTV and the radio until it grew on America’s young shiksas).

The media masters, it appears, get people like Spears and Cyrus into your living room by introducing them as sweet and innocent kids, then once children start looking at them as role models, suddenly “grow them up”. We all know how Spears ended up, and she was eventually retired after a very public and humiliating psychological break down–it is this, not just profits, that Jews seek for the masses.

[. . .]

Many people have commented on the contemporary push for normalizing child molestation, whether it’s the infamous “op ed” from Jew-infested Salon’s in-house pedophile done under the guise of “tolerance”, or the New York Times Jew Margo Kaplan’s “Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime” under the thin veneer of science, Jew Louis CK talking about screwing kids shielded by comedy, or mentally ill Yid laughing stock Shia Labeouf in clothes meant to make him look naked putting his face in the crotch of a prepubescent girl done under the cover of “performance art”. Anglo-Saxon semantics-culture is the easiest rubik’s cube the Talmudically trained debaters have ever beaten.

But Miley’s latest music video feels the climate is comfortable enough to not come up with an alibi. The video features Cyrus in a diaper and bonnet opening her legs up to the camera, rolling her tongue all over a pacifier to the lyrics:

I don’t really want an older you
I heard I change my mind with you often
Baby talk is creeping me out
Fuck me so you stop baby talking

[. . .]

Imagine if pedophilia becomes normalized against the people’s will, like “gay marriage” was. No parent will ever be able to share a bed or hug their own children ever again. You won’t be able to have your grandchildren on your lap, or tickle your nieces or nephews without suspicion, or at the very least, people having the depressing thought in the back of their minds. If you think the world is ugly today, it will only get worse unless we get together politically.

It’s impossible to know for sure, but Miley Cyrus’ career evolution was probably planned from the start of Hannah Montana. Imagine being the parent of a 5 year old girl who idolized the tender small town character of 2007 and then being in the awkward spot of forbidding her today from going to gratuitous tributes and promotions of animal behavior, pedophilia, drug use, immaturity, race-mixing, and who knows what else at a contemporary Cyrus performance.

Some people call him devil, others call him “liberal”, even more refer to him as “dangerous people”. But I won’t mince words: his name is Jew. And if we don’t exorcise him out of our country, the gangrenous sore will continue to grow.

Read more at TradYouth. . . .


DC Whispers – Trump & Cruz Refuse To Play Media’s WarGames…

via DC Whispers:

In the forty-eight hours prior to last night’s CNN Republican debate, the media repeated every hour on the hour how the Trump and Cruz campaigns appeared to be turning on one another.

Then came the debate, and both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz reduced that attempted media meme to a pathetic shambles.

The media wanted the two top GOP candidates to weaken one another, as did Marco Rubio who has seen his star fade somewhat in the last month as Cruz has enjoyed a significant surge in the latest polls.

Instead of focusing on Donald Trump, Ted Cruz turned his powerful and incisive rhetorical skills upon Mr. Rubio, catching both Rubio, the media, and the GOP Establishment by surprise. While Rubio held his own, most observers appear to feel Cruz ultimately won the back and forth battle. It was a battle the GOP Establishment wanted to see diminish Donald Trump, not Marco Rubio.

Ted Cruz refused to play along with their plans.

Read more at DC Whispers.

Media is Now Pumping Up Ted Cruz to Dilute Support for Donald Trump


In 2012, the media “pumped and dumped” one Republican primary candidate after another, presumably in order to prevent Mitt Romney from winning the nomination though the opposite could also be argued, that they wanted Mitt Romney in order for him to lose to Obama.

For the 2016 election, the media efforts to do the same to the current crop of candidates has only seemed to work for Ben Carson. The method has failed to raise other candidates such as Jeb Bush or Carly Fiorina, and seems to be struggling to promote Marco Rubio.

So we today have a bunch of headlines that seem to advance Ted Cruz as the far-right candidate to compete with Donald Trump. It’s another pumping process intended to steal support from, and ultimately puncture, Trump’s continued upward momentum.

I like Ted Cruz and don’t think he would be a terrible president, and ideologically I agree with and mostly trust Cruz, and he is one of the few Republicans whom I would definitely vote for (as compared to a third party) if he wins his party’s nomination.  Nevertheless Cruz doesn’t compete with Trump.

Cruz is a legislator and a politician, and his leadership would reflect that. Cruz would politick rather than rule, and right now this country needs rule in order to restore sanity. I doubt that Cruz could impose his will on a mushy and divided government.

And I think this attempt to pump up Cruz to weaken Trump will ultimately fail, just like every other political trick against Trump has so far failed. To stop Trump, if he’s really on the side of conservative America, it looks like they’re going to have to kill him.

Ted Cruz increasingly looks like the man to beat in Iowa.

He’s rising in the polls, building on an already extensive field organization and locking down critical conservative endorsements.

Among the biggest yet came Thursday, when Bob Vander Plaats, the head of the conservative group Family Leader, came out for Cruz, citing what he sees as electability in Iowa and nationally.

“This is a guy that’s been very consistent in principles, in communications, and his campaign has shown ability to slowly gain ground and build momentum, and appears to have great staying power,” he told POLITICO. “I don’t see his numbers going down, I see them going up.”

Cruz’s Iowa surge is coming at the expense of Ben Carson and other Republicans seeking a share of the state’s considerable evangelical vote. And with Cruz leading the field in a Monmouth University Iowa poll released this week, rivals are suddenly confronted with a new level of urgency in their efforts to stop the Texas senator from building early-state momentum that could carry him through the South Carolina primary next year and into March 1, when seven other Southern states will go to the polls.

The Vander Plaats endorsement came in the midst of a fruitful week for Cruz, which included national endorsements Wednesday from the National Organization for Marriage and from Richard Viguerie, a prominent conservative voice and the founding father of political direct mail.

Read more at Politico.

The Washington Post Article from 2001 that Verifies Trump’s Claim of Muslims in NJ Who Celebrated 9/11

Or somewhat verifies anyhow. No reference to “thousands and thousands”, but a bit of rhetorical exaggeration isn’t unusual for a presidential candidate.

via Canada Free Press, via, via Twitter, via the Washington Post:

In Jersey City, an urban enclave of 240,055 people that is home to one of the largest Arab populations among U.S. cities, members of that Middle Eastern community said they are being unfairly targeted and misunderstood by the FBI.

“First of all, I think the people [convicted] of the bombing of the World Trade Center were innocent. . . . The Muslims are an easy way out, especially when you don’t know who committed the act,” said Essam Abouhamer, director of the Altawheed Islam Center. “The message of Islam is to be peaceful with yourself and others.”

Hasam Ibrahim, 37, who came to the United States 16 years ago from Egypt and owns a limousine company in Jersey City, said he and others in similar circumstances moved here in search of better lives and are proud to be Americans.

“It is impossible,” he said of suggestions that a terrorist cell in or around Jersey City may have helped plot the deadly attacks last week. “People here from the Middle East just want to work and have good lives. I love the United States. I eat in the United States. I earn money in the United States, and my children go to schools in the United States. A lot of people in this Arab community feel like me.”

Investigators said at least two of the hijackers, Nawaq Al Hamzi and Salem Al Hamzi, are believed to have had addresses in Wayne and Fort Lee. They apparently rented a mail box in Fort Lee, at Mail Boxes Etc.

In Jersey City, within hours of two jetliners’ plowing into the World Trade Center, law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river.

Read more at the Washington Post

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