Paul Kersey – At What Point Can We Stop the Charade of Celebrating Selma, Alabama?

via SBPDL:

Every March, the eyes of the nation turn to Selma, Alabama and the usually empty St. James Hotel is full, because there still exists mileage out of the white guilt trip the Edmund Pettus Bridge represents.

But for 51 other weeks, the city of Selma – that 80 percent black nightmare in Alabama – represents exactly why white people once dared stand in the way of what white liberals always claim is “progress.”

The “deplorable condition” of the St. James Hotel is a reminder of what happens to the civilization white people built when a proliferation of black people happens all around it.

80 percent black Selma represents the ultimate white liberal yearly pilgrimage, where those pulling the levers of Black-Run America (BRA) can still trot out a few Civil Rights-era blacks and say, “thank god these people walked across the bridge to usher in a equality.”

Funny though: all I see in 2015 Selma, an 80 percent black nightmare, is the exact manifestation of why white people dared stand in the way of what white liberals deem is progress, for it represented the complete regression of the civilization white individuals collectively built.

There’s nothing in Selma to celebrate. All that is left of the civilization white people built long ago in Selma is worth lamenting, a poignant reminder of the failure of forced integration.

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