Purge in Russian Church? Ultra-Conservative Archpriest Removed From Position In Orthodox Church

via Fort Russ:

Speaking about the current situation, Chaplin also noted that “the power has changed, the power no longer lies in the hands of security forces, formal state, religious hierarchies or commercial structures”. “The government is being formed now in the world of ideas. Whoever is the first to formulate and express ideas that most adequately will shape the future, will rise to power,” — said the priest.

Chaplin was suspended on Thursday, 24th December, with his structure being dismantled “in order to optimize operations and increase efficiency”, and to avoid parallel processes in the activity of the Synodal institutions.

After retirement he spoke about his disagreements with Patriarch Kirill. The main points of disagreement, he said, was the understanding of the role of the Church in state and society. The Chaplin said that the Church should have greater independence and critical dialogue both with the authorities and with society. In addition, he criticized the management of practices of the ROC. According to him, many of the decisions in the Church accepted the Patriarch “spontaneously, without due consultation” and not “collectively”.

In an interview with RBC Chaplin stated another reason — disagreements with the Patriarch in evaluating the events in Donbass. According to Chaplin, the Russian Orthodox Church was actively supporting the militias and not taking a position of peace, and he stated via official statements about the unacceptability of strife over language and ethnicity.

On Friday, December 25th, Chaplin also predicted an early retirement of Patriarch Kirill. “I think he’s not going to last. I think that this contradiction between belief in personal charisma and the reality will only increase”, — he said in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking”

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