Andrew Anglin – Masculinity and Civilization

On the surface, Andrew Anglin shows a somewhat shallow, primitive, and hateful anti-Semitism at his site, the Daily Stormer.  However, I like his site because it’s honest, because it’s often funny, because it puts out real news with no B.S. faster than the mainstream news, and because Anglin sometimes produces some thoughtful gems like this article:

My goal in addressing feminism, as you have perhaps ascertained (or perhaps not), is to encourage male readers to develop a masculine identity. In my view, the biggest reason why an individual would fail to develop a masculine identity would be that he has been socially-engineered by the sociological problem of Jew feminism. As such, that is the primary concern which needs addressed.

Once one develops a masculine identity, he then has power, personally, which he can use however he wishes. Ideally, he will use it for getting married and having kids, serving as a pillar of the community. Instead of just getting a bunch of chicks.

A Brief History of Men and Women

As I have often said, my view on women is exactly the same as everyone in history before the various cultural revolutions in the West.

Throughout history, up until the Jew-driven feminist revolution, male-female relations followed a very clear pattern. Women were generally given over in marriage to a man by their fathers. In White society, the woman’s opinion on these matters was of course considered. It does not appear to have been normal for a father to force his daughter into an unwanted marriage. Because why would he do that to his own daughter.

There was nothing nasty or mean about any of this.

Once married, the girl would then be a wife and mother. Nothing more or less, generally.

Typically, women were very happy with this arrangement, as were men. Certainly, both were a lot more happy than they are now, though studies in general happiness show that female happiness has dropped more than male happiness over the last decades when this Jewing seriously intensified.

[. . .]

Right now, the women are deeply dissatisfied with the present state of matters, mostly on a subconscious level, and crave a return to the natural balance. That natural balance involves a society which is wholly dominated by men, as it always was at every point in history, and where they are allowed to be protected, to be innocent of worldly matters, and to bear and raise children unmolested.

Obviously, Islam offers this. And that is why they support this invasion. Whether you want to frame it as sexual is up to you, but it is most certainly reproductive. Right now women have been put in a situation wherein reproducing in peace is nigh impossible, given that they are forced to deal with the male world directly.

And everything is about reproduction. Everything. The whole of the being of any living thing is geared toward this act.

Feminism gets more and more extreme, and what this is women, collectively, pushing men further and further, trying to get them to act like men and put them in their place. Women engage in provocations of men to force men to prove themselves, constantly. Men are supposed to be able to recognize this, and respond accordingly.

Yet men continue to pander to them, on the whole.

So they are opting for plan b, which is Islamification.

The proof of this is simple: feminists refuse to address abuses by Islamic men in Western societies, while continuing to claim White men are involved in a conspiracy against them. Even still, they are calling for a mass invasion by these men who are the exact opposite of the docile and cuckolded man-children they claim to view as the ideal male.

They are lying to you, bro.

Women are known for this.

Maybe it’s time to act like an adult and take responsibility for what’s happening around you?

Read more at the Daily Stormer.

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