Eric Striker – The Devil Has A Name: Who’s Behind Miley Cyrus’ Antics

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From circa 2006 to 2011, millions of families throughout our globalized world gathered in front of the Jude-tube to watch the teenage tribute to materialism, feminism, and ugly careerism known as Hannah Montana. The family the show follows is a crude stereotype of the “country bumpkin” Billy Ray worked hard to cultivate and transform into a profitable niche, but in spite of all the passive propaganda (including Miley Cyrus herself claiming it was patterned after Sex in the City, minus the sex ), the show was mostly free of pornography, gore, and suggestiveness–a rare find for parents in the 21st century.

[. . .]

The Annie Liebovitz controversy was an important signal to the Jewish establishment regarding the lack of responsible supervision over Miley Cyrus, and her potential as a vehicle for aggression in their war against mankind. When Hannah Montana came to an end, and Cyrus’ music career began to wane, she signed with the Jew manager Larry Rudolph, and her behavior has gotten more bizarre and viscerally offensive ever since.

Rudolph has specialized in “rejuvenating” the careers of child stars. The sleazy Ashkenazi pimp, in fact, has been credited with the short-lived pop fad of Cyrus’ fellow ex-Disney channel star Britney Spears, who at barely 16 years of age premiered in the 1999 Baby One More Time , where the Jew Nigel Dick collaborated closely with Rudolph to feature the teenage girl gyrating invitingly in pig tails and an erotically tailored catholic school uniform begging men to “hit her” (the song itself was written and produced by almost certain Jew Martin Sandberg aka “Max Martin”, and was played on loop on MTV and the radio until it grew on America’s young shiksas).

The media masters, it appears, get people like Spears and Cyrus into your living room by introducing them as sweet and innocent kids, then once children start looking at them as role models, suddenly “grow them up”. We all know how Spears ended up, and she was eventually retired after a very public and humiliating psychological break down–it is this, not just profits, that Jews seek for the masses.

[. . .]

Many people have commented on the contemporary push for normalizing child molestation, whether it’s the infamous “op ed” from Jew-infested Salon’s in-house pedophile done under the guise of “tolerance”, or the New York Times Jew Margo Kaplan’s “Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime” under the thin veneer of science, Jew Louis CK talking about screwing kids shielded by comedy, or mentally ill Yid laughing stock Shia Labeouf in clothes meant to make him look naked putting his face in the crotch of a prepubescent girl done under the cover of “performance art”. Anglo-Saxon semantics-culture is the easiest rubik’s cube the Talmudically trained debaters have ever beaten.

But Miley’s latest music video feels the climate is comfortable enough to not come up with an alibi. The video features Cyrus in a diaper and bonnet opening her legs up to the camera, rolling her tongue all over a pacifier to the lyrics:

I don’t really want an older you
I heard I change my mind with you often
Baby talk is creeping me out
Fuck me so you stop baby talking

[. . .]

Imagine if pedophilia becomes normalized against the people’s will, like “gay marriage” was. No parent will ever be able to share a bed or hug their own children ever again. You won’t be able to have your grandchildren on your lap, or tickle your nieces or nephews without suspicion, or at the very least, people having the depressing thought in the back of their minds. If you think the world is ugly today, it will only get worse unless we get together politically.

It’s impossible to know for sure, but Miley Cyrus’ career evolution was probably planned from the start of Hannah Montana. Imagine being the parent of a 5 year old girl who idolized the tender small town character of 2007 and then being in the awkward spot of forbidding her today from going to gratuitous tributes and promotions of animal behavior, pedophilia, drug use, immaturity, race-mixing, and who knows what else at a contemporary Cyrus performance.

Some people call him devil, others call him “liberal”, even more refer to him as “dangerous people”. But I won’t mince words: his name is Jew. And if we don’t exorcise him out of our country, the gangrenous sore will continue to grow.

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Ehud Would – My Testimony (Part 2): Racial and Christian Awakenings in 1980’s California


via Faith and Heritage:

[. . .]

As I said, the neighborhood was mostly White when we moved in. Our block, entirely so. But one day when my sister had been down on the next block riding her bike with a friend, she ran into trouble. Two young Black boys came out of nowhere and tried to knock her off her bike, but she kicked them off her and pedaled home as fast as she could. And they gave chase. I don’t recall what I was doing, but I heard her screaming for me as she came riding up into our yard. And sure enough, the two Black boys came running up close behind her. The smaller one was the more aggressive of the two, so I flew into him, knocking him backward. But they were both on me in an instant. And the fight lasted only a few moments before Poppa came out with his belt in hand and my dog Buck (a German Shepherd/Black Lab mix) at his side. The Black kids were terrified of both. What with Buck’s snarling, Poppa only had to lay a couple stripes across their backs before they turned heel and ran back the way they’d come. Buck chased them down the drive nipping at their ankles as they went. They cursed us in terms unknown to me. But they didn’t come back.

The next day Poppa had me start training with him. At eight years old I couldn’t hope to do all the one-armed pushups, finger pushups, or handstand pushups that he did, but he was determined to toughen me up. He said, “Niggers got every bit as much right to live as you do. God made them what they are and you can’t hold that against them, but if they lay hands on your sister, by God, you kill ‘em.”

Later that year a Mexican family moved in next door. Their oldest boy, who was my age, started slapping my little cousin Nikki (my aunt and uncle had moved in around the corner) around for fun. When I heard of it I went straight over to tell him to leave her alone, all my little cousins and my sister trailing along behind me. But reaching his house we saw he had company – two other Mexican boys, also about my age. All I said was, “Please quit hitting my little cousin. She’s not even five.” To which they all took turns replying that they’d hit her anytime they wanted and that they might shoot her. This scenario immediately bridged over in my mind to the indignity of my sister’s attack earlier that year. As the Mexican boys’ words still hung in the air, I punched the main offender in the solar plexus (as Poppa had taught me) as hard as I could, leveling him to the ground. There he lay, gasping for breath. The paramedics were even called and they took him to the hospital to be checked out.

All of this pleased my grandfather greatly. He congratulated me on being a man. But my mother was another story. She was appalled at what I had done and that Poppa had trained me to it. That argument went on a long time. The only word I remember from their exchange, on account of its repetition, was “racist.” But I think he sensed the conflict which my mother’s outrage had seeded in me. The next day Poppa reassured me I’d done right protecting my cousin, rewarding me with my first pocketknife. I cherished that knife.

Though my classes were all in English now, the liberal agenda was sailing full mast there as much as at my previous school. I remember little of the actual curriculum other than the fact that in my third grade year, only one year after my having taught myself to read phonetically, they introduced “Whole Language Reading,” otherwise known as “Sight Reading,” patterned in theory after the Oriental system. This was, of course, totally incompatible with the English language, but that wasn’t why I ignored the new approach. I did so because I had already learned to read phonetically, and no matter how much the teachers tried to undo that foundation, I could not stop seeing the letters as sounds. And in retrospect, I attribute my winning second place in the Los Angeles County Spelling Bee in fifth grade to the fact that I clung to phonetic language, in spite of all instruction to the contrary.

[. . .]

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Pat Buchanan – Low Fertility, Migrant Invasions, and Sub-National Independence Movements are Fracturing Europe


[. . .]

Anti-immigrant, right-wing parties are making strides all across Europe, as the EU is bedeviled by a host of crises.

Europe’s open borders that facilitate free trade also assure freedom of travel to homegrown terrorists.

Mass migration into the EU is causing member nations to put up checkpoints and close borders. The Schengen Agreement on the free movement of goods and people is being ignored or openly violated.

The economic and cultural clash between a rich northern Europe and a less affluent south — Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal — manifest in the bad blood between Athens and Berlin, endures.

Northern Europeans grow weary of repeated bailouts of a south that chafes at constant northern demands for greater austerity.

Then there is the surge of sub-nationalism, as in Scotland, Catalonia, Flanders, and Veneto, where peoples seek to disconnect from distant capitals that no longer speak for them, and reconnect with languages, traditions and cultures that give more meaning to their lives than the economics-uber-alles ideology of Frau Angela Merkel.

Moreover, the migrants entering Europe, predominantly Islamic and Third World, are not assimilating as did the European and largely Christian immigrants to America of a century ago.

The enclaves of Asians in Britain, Africans and Arabs around Paris, and Turks in and around Berlin seem to be British, French and German in name only. And some of their children are now heeding the call to jihad against the Crusaders invading Muslim lands.

The movement toward deeper European integration appears to have halted, and gone into reverse, as the EU seems to be unraveling along ideological, national, tribal and historic lines.

If these trends continue, and they seem to have accelerated in 2015, the idea of a United States of Europe dies, and with it the EU.

And this raises a question about the most successful economic and political union in history — the USA.

How does an increasingly multiracial, multiethnic, multilingual, multicultural United States avoid the fate to which Europe appears to be headed, when there is no identifiable racial or ethnic majority here in 2042?

Are our own political and racial divisions disappearing, or do they, too, seem to be deepening?

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Ultra-Feminist Founder Of Femen Brazil Declares Herself Pro-Life, Apologizes To Christians

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via Life Site News:

Sara Fernanda Giromin first made herself known to Brazil and to the world under the alias “Sara Winter” in 2012, when she became the founding member of Femen Brazil, and led a trio of girls in a number of topless protests that garnered much media attention. However, only three years later, the young activist has done an about-face and has declared war on feminism and abortion, and is apologizing to Christians for her offensive behavior. She has also published a short book detailing the abuse and disappointment she suffered at the hands of fellow feminists.

Giromin’s changing attitudes were first revealed in October of this year, when she expressed her repentance for an abortion that took the life of her first child, and acknowledged that the recent birth of her second child had changed her attitudes regarding the right to life.

“I have repented of having had an abortion and today I ask for forgiveness,” wrote Giromin. “Yesterday marked one month after the birth of my baby and my life has taken on a new meaning. I’m writing this while he sleeps serenely on my lap. It is the greatest sensation in the world.”

“Please, women who are desperate to abort, think carefully about it. I was very sorry I did it. I don’t want the same for you,” she added.

In the months that have followed, Giromin has revealed to her readership her disillusionment with feminism and gender ideology, and has repudiated her “bisexual” orientation. She has also expressed remorse for having offended Christians in January of 2014, when she engaged in a well publicized same-sex kiss with another seminude girl with a cross in the background, in front of the Church of Our Lady of Candelária in Rio de Janeiro. The photo of the two had become iconic in Brazil of homosexual contempt for Christianity.

“Asking for forgiveness is certainly not an easy thing to do,” said Giromin in a YouTube video entitled “I ask Christians for forgiveness for feminist protest.” “We went way too far and ended up offending many religious and non-religious people,” she added, recognizing the stunt as a form of “blasphemy.” She adds that she is making progress in her own spiritual life, although the exact nature of her current beliefs remains unclear.

[. . .]

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Abkhazia Officially Bans Abortion


The Parliament of the unrecognized Republic of Abkhazia passed the bill banning abortion.

The amendment to the Constitution stipulates that “the state shall equally protect the life of a mother and of an unborn child”, Meduza media outlet reports

The bill allows abortion only in case of prenatal death of a baby. In all other cases, the termination of pregnancy will be held criminally liable.

The law also prohibits the clinical trials of human embryos.

Emma Gamisonia, the only female MP in the unrecognized republic, opposed the law. According to her, the bill “will cause corruption in the medical field and lead to prohibited illegal abortions.”

The total ban on abortion without exceptions was passed in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Chile, Malta, the Philippines, and the Vatican.

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Andrew Joyce – The Assault on Gender and the Family and the Legacy of the Frankfurt School (Part Two)

via the Occidental Observer:

[. . .]

Even more radical than Moll was Magnus Hirschfeld (1868–1935). Like Moll, Hirschfeld came from a family of Jewish merchants and, also like Moll, he advanced theories of social and sexual behavior amounting to “the existence of fundamental irreducible sameness in human beings.”[9] Elena Macini writes that Hirschfeld’s Jewishness was “a socially and politically determinant aspect of his life.”[10] A common feature of his work was the hatred he had for Christianity. Indeed, his critique of that religion resembled in many respects that concocted by Freud. To Hirschfeld, Christianity was “essentially sadomasochistic, delighting in the pain of ascetic self-denial.”[11] Western Civilization had thus been “in the grip of anti-hedonist exaggerations for two thousand years,” thereby committing “psychic self-mutilation.”[12] It was therefore Western society, rather than homosexuals and other outsiders, that was sick and degenerate, and Hirschfeld’s prescribed cure was sexual hedonism and the acceptance of a wide array of “identities” and “sexualities.” Although coming from a close-knit, observant, Jewish community, and possessed of an abiding hatred for Christianity, Hirschfeld superficially advocated a “pan-humanistic” outlook and was fond of declaring himself “a world citizen.”[13] (I might agree with Hirschfeld to a certain extent since he appears to me a perfect example of what Henry Ford called an “international Jew.”)

[. . .]

In terms of theory, Hirschfeld had “subverted the notion that romantic love should be orientated toward reproduction,” arguing instead for the acceptance of homosexual lifestyles and hedonistic, non-reproductive, sexual relations in general.[16] A key element of Hirschfeld’s theory was the deployment of “love as a primary weapon in his ethical and philosophical campaign for the liberation of same-sex relationships.”[17] However, love as a concept was itself altered by Hirschfeld, who imbued it with transcendental and cosmic qualities in an effort to distance it as much as possible from biological, reproductive drives. Mancini writes that “the idea that love had the potential to not only lift the individual but to enrich the broader mission of humanity was articulated in Hirschfeld’s condemnation of theories of racial hygiene and his appeal to Panhumanism to extinguish the hatred among nations and races.”[18]

Such romantic theorizing, of course, had little to do with the actual content of sexological studies of the sexually inverted, where love featured significantly less than pederasty, promiscuity and disease. But it was the idea and “feeling” that mattered most in creating a homosexual movement and public support behind it. As strategy it corresponded perfectly with efforts to achieve “Jewish emancipation.” In this respect Richard Wagner put it most astutely and succinctly when he wrote that “when we strove for emancipation of the Jews we were really more the champions of an abstract principle than of a concrete case: … Our zeal for equal civil rights for Jews was much more the consequence of a general idea than of any real sympathy; for, with all our speaking and writing for Jewish emancipation, we always felt instinctively repelled by any actual, operative contact with them.” One could easily substitute “homosexuals” for “Jews” and achieve significant insight into the basic psychological processes at work, with Hirschfeld’s “general idea” being a florid abstraction of love around which the fashionable and easily duped may gravitate. It can’t be emphasized enough that Jews have been very adept at framing their arguments in emotional or moral terms that appear to have a unique pull on the consciences of Europeans, and such strategies are very difficult to unseat. One need only acknowledge that Hirschfeld’s work in this regard retains great potency in the present, with the recent “marriage equality” debate neatly side-stepping biological and social imperatives in favor of Hirschfeld-like maudlin non sequiturs about “love.”

[. . .]

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Andrew Joyce – The Assault on Gender and the Family and the Legacy of the Frankfurt School (Part One)

via the Occidental Observer:

Volkmar Sigusch (1940- ) may not be a familiar name to TOO readers, but for those concerned about the modern assault on traditional attitudes to gender and sexuality it should be. You might have encountered the term ‘cisgender,’ a Sigusch creation that is rapidly gaining traction in common speech. For those unfamiliar with it, it has come to replace “normal” and even the more deviant-friendly term ‘heterosexual.’ Specifically, the term refers to those “who feel there is a match between their assigned sex and the gender they feel themselves to be. You are cisgender if your birth certificate says you’re male and you identify yourself as a man.” The goal behind inventing such a bizarre and convoluted label for that which is natural and healthy is, of course, to further dilute the identity of the present and coming generations, and convince us all that there is no “normal,” only different positions within an ever more colorful spectrum.

By undermining the meaning of what it is to be male and female, one undermines the healthy concept of the family. And when the healthy concept of the family possessed by a given group is undermined, that group is pushed ever closer to genocide via (using the United Nations lexicon) “deliberate infliction of conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part,” and “imposing measures intended to prevent births.” The bumper crop of terms like ‘cisgender’, cooked up with alarming frequency by the “sexologists,” helps reduce marriage between a man and a woman and the raising of children within that union, to a mere “option” on a veritable menu of possible sexualities, gender identities, and family structures. In this brave new world there is no “normal” or “ideal” since all “models” are allegedly valid and equal.

[. . .]

But who precisely is introducing these terms and ideas, and thus engineering dramatic change in Western society? In our attempt to answer this question, we might first return to Volkmar Sigusch. Sigusch, a German, is a self-described “sexologist,” physician and sociologist. As founder and co-editor of Zeitschrift für Sexualforschung (Journal for Sexual Research), and Director of the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft (Institute for Sexual Science) at the Goethe University in Frankfurt from 1973 to 2006, Sigusch has been described by Der Spiegel as “one of the main thinkers behind the sexual revolution of the 1960s.” The reasons why the young would-be physician evolved into a cultural radical are quite easy to surmise. After fleeing East Germany, Sigusch studied medicine, psychology and philosophy at Frankfurt. I posit the argument that it was the latter discipline that truly shaped Sigusch and did most to determine his future work. I argue this because he studied philosophy under none other than Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno, both of whom had by that date returned from the United States and re-established the notorious Frankfurt Institute for Social Research. Sigusch, a pioneer in the ongoing sexual revolution, is a Frankfurt School protégé.

The following analysis is concerned with the ongoing role of the Jewish-dominated “Culture of Critique” in advancing theories and trends designed to atomize our society. In particular it focusses on Jewish intellectual and political support for the sexually abnormal and explains it as an extension and product of the Frankfurt School’s view that “the unique role of Judaism in world history was to vindicate the concept of difference against the homogenizing forces thought to represent the essence of Western civilization. (My emphasis) ”[1] Kevin MacDonald has noted that the Frankfurt School categorized healthy Western norms, nationalisms, and close family relationships as an indication of psychiatric disorder. By contrast, in the last few decades of the nineteenth century Jewish intellectuals began championing Western society’s outcasts and non-conformers. Using these outcasts, Jewish intellectuals could fight a proxy war against Western homogeneity, and wage a clandestine campaign for the acceptance of pluralism.

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Ehud Would – My Testimony (Part 1): Racial and Christian Awakenings


via Faith and Heritage:

[. . .]

My mother, being a product of the time, was appalled at my grandparents’ rationale for moving out of Bell to a safer (Whiter) neighborhood and, after a good deal of fighting, she opted to move my sister and me away from her parents’ bigoted influences. We got an apartment in Bell Gardens where my mother enrolled me in Suva Elementary. Trouble was, even under the circumstance of a 50% White population for the city, the ratios of minority children were far higher than those of Whites. What this meant for my school, believe it or not, is that there were no English-taught classes available. Yes, I attended kindergarten and first grade taught all in Spanish. And as an English-only speaker, this meant that the teachers merely sat me in the corner with crayons while they tended to prepping the foreign legions to commandeer my inheritance.

Sometime in my teenage years it occurred to me that if such a thing had been done to a non-White student (for two years), it would have been considered a scandalous “civil rights” as well as a “human rights” violation, and a matter of international outrage. This realization, among others, would slowly impel me to acknowledge a thing totally at odds with the social narrative I would learn in government school and the network media – that White people had, both socially and legally, somehow become second-class citizens in their own lands.

But when my grandparents learned of the pitiable educational situation to which my mother had resigned me, they insisted we move back in with them at their new Paramount home. From there I could finally attend school taught in English. Her multicultural vision for my education having somehow resulted in no education for me, my mother grudgingly conceded. But not without suggesting that instead of drawing, I should have paid attention in those Spanish-taught classes and learned the language.

The adult population of Paramount (and Hollydale, the adjoining suburb where my new school was located) was at that time still almost exclusively White, but the demographics of my new school itself were tipped slightly in the other direction – probably only 35% White. Obviously, this huge age-correlated disparity spoke to the semi-geriatric and largely childless White community there. But there were other factors in play which would shortly exacerbate that offset further.

My first day we met with my new principal, a Korean woman, and the vice principal, a Black woman. The former spoke clearly, if mechanically, but the latter was nigh unintelligible for her broken English and foreign inflection, which is so characteristic of the Black community and which would shortly be heralded in government schools as an official American dialect: “Ebonics.”

[. . .]

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Female Firefighter Wendy Tapia To Get Seventh Chance To Pass FDNY Physical Test

Wendy Tapia, 34, was allowed to conditionally graduate from the FDNY's Randall's Island training academy in May 2013 - despite failing the required running test

via the Daily Mail:

A female firefighter who has repeatedly failed the fitness test is being given an unprecedented seventh try.

Wendy Tapia, 34, was allowed to conditionally graduate from the FDNY’s Randall’s Island training academy in May 2013 – despite failing the required running test, New York Post reports.

Typically firefighters who fail the exam at the end of academy training don’t graduate and are forced to re-take the entire course in the next academy class.

But Tapia, blaming a foot injury for her failure, was allowed to take it again not once, but five more times over the next six months.

Each time, she failed to run the 1.5 miles in 12 minutes without gear, as required by the academy.

After failing her sixth attempt in November 2013 – without ever working an active duty shift at her assigned Engine No. 316 in East Elmhurst, Queens – she finally quit.

Now Tapia is being given yet another chance to join the Fire Department of New York with a seventh run at the test.

And this time she is sure to pass, claim fellow firefighters.

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Paul Kersey – At What Point Can We Stop the Charade of Celebrating Selma, Alabama?

via SBPDL:

Every March, the eyes of the nation turn to Selma, Alabama and the usually empty St. James Hotel is full, because there still exists mileage out of the white guilt trip the Edmund Pettus Bridge represents.

But for 51 other weeks, the city of Selma – that 80 percent black nightmare in Alabama – represents exactly why white people once dared stand in the way of what white liberals always claim is “progress.”

The “deplorable condition” of the St. James Hotel is a reminder of what happens to the civilization white people built when a proliferation of black people happens all around it.

80 percent black Selma represents the ultimate white liberal yearly pilgrimage, where those pulling the levers of Black-Run America (BRA) can still trot out a few Civil Rights-era blacks and say, “thank god these people walked across the bridge to usher in a equality.”

Funny though: all I see in 2015 Selma, an 80 percent black nightmare, is the exact manifestation of why white people dared stand in the way of what white liberals deem is progress, for it represented the complete regression of the civilization white individuals collectively built.

There’s nothing in Selma to celebrate. All that is left of the civilization white people built long ago in Selma is worth lamenting, a poignant reminder of the failure of forced integration.

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1st Syrian ‘Refugees’ Arrive In S.C. Despite Governor’s Concerns

via WND:

A pair of Syrians were secretly planted last week in Midlands, near the state capital of Columbia, without even the governor’s office being notified. And more Syrians are on their way to the Palmetto State, the South Carolina Department of Social Services confirmed to WND.

The Syrians are being resettled in South Carolina by Lutheran Services Carolinas, a private agency affiliated with Lutheran Migration and Refugee Service, one of nine contractors who receive hundreds of millions in federal taxpayer money to resettle foreign refugees in the U.S.

[. . .]

The refugees are sent to 180 cities and towns in 49 states under the authority of the Refugee Act of 1980, apparently with little to no oversight required by Congress or even acquiescence from the states, according to Richard’s testimony.

Before the Paris attack, Haley had supported the refugee program even though several counties in her state were protesting and saying they didn’t want the refugees, citing security and financial reasons.

But in South Carolina, just as in many of the other states where governors have protested, it is now clear that the Syrians will continue to arrive without the permission of the governor or the state’s congressional delegations.

All eyes had been on Spartanburg since March, when the evangelical World Relief Corp. said it planned to resettle 60 refugees this year, some of them from Syria. But it turned out to be Columbia, and the Lutherans made the first strike in what activists are describing as an unwelcomed invasion of Middle Eastern Muslims.

More than 97 percent of the nearly 2,300 Syrian refugees resettled in the U.S. since the start of the Syrian civil war have been Muslim, and the vast majority of those are Sunni Muslims, the same sect from which come followers of al-Qaida, ISIS, al-Nusra Front and other terrorist organizations. Almost all of the 85,000 refugees who will be resettled in the U.S. this year will be hand-selected by the United Nations refugee agency.

In South Carolina, five counties – Anderson, Berkeley, Lawrence, Greenville and Pickens – have already passed resolutions saying refugees are not welcome.

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Adi – Slovenians Counter Sodomite Revolution with Historic Vote


via Faith and Heritage:

In what can possibly go down in history as the most catastrophic year in terms of the political destabilization of society’s most fundamental institutions, marriage and the family, there has appeared a light at the end of a very dark tunnel after all. On Sunday, the nation of Slovenia repealed sodomite “marriage” in a landslide victory by 63.4% to 36.6%. The “no” side, backed by the Roman Catholic Church as well as a conservative coalition known as “Children Are at Stake,” eventually received about 400 000 votes, significantly more than the 343 000 votes it needed for the result to be constitutionally binding.12 This follows not only the legalization of this abomination in March this year, but also the attempts by the “democratic” government to ban such a referendum on the issue.

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California Judge Orders Pro-Lifers To Promote Abortion

via WND:

A federal judge in California has ordered pro-life and faith-based pregnancy centers to promote abortion, because “the public interest would be served.”

But the ruling from U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White is a long way from the end of the conflict. Several parallel cases in other jurisdictions challenge the constitutionality of the state demand that pro-life centers post a sign promoting the state’s abortion services.

[. . .]

California’s Democrat attorney general, Kamala Harris, urged the legislature to adopt the bill and fine faith organizations $500 if they fail to provide the abortion information the first time. Fines thereafter would be $1,000 per incident.

The law requires faith groups to tell women: “California has public programs that provide immediate free or low-cost access to comprehensive family planning services (including allocating FDA-approved methods of contraception), prenatal care, and abortion for eligible women. To determine whether you qualify, contact the county social services office at (insert the telephone number).”

It also requires that the message not only be handed out but also posted on the walls of waiting rooms on signs with specified dimensions.

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Transcript: NPR’s Interview With President Obama

via NPR:

[. . .]

INSKEEP: You’ve acknowledged this requires patience. It can be a slow process. During that slow process, there might be more attacks on the United States. In October, before San Bernardino, a Justice Department official stated that he believed that domestic terrorists were a greater threat to the United States than international groups like al-Qaida or ISIS.

Do you believe that still now, after San Bernardino and Paris?

OBAMA: I don’t know the exact citation that you are referring to. If you just …

INSKEEP: John Carlin on Oct. 14.

OBAMA: If you just look at the numbers, then non-Islamic, non-foreign-motivated terrorist actions have killed at least as many Americans on American soil as those who were promoted by jihadists. But what we have also seen is ISIL evolve, because of the sophistication of their social media, to a point where they may be inspiring more attacks, even if they are self-initiated, even if they don’t involve complex planning, than we would have seen two years ago, three years ago, five years ago.

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Obama Targets Trump, Says Candidate ‘Exploiting’ Blue-Collar Fears

via Fox News:

President Obama used a radio interview to accuse Donald Trump of “exploiting” economic woes to tap into voter “fear” and “frustration,” in some of his most direct criticism to date of the Republican primary front-runner seeking to replace him.

[. . .]

He said “particularly blue-collar men have had a lot of trouble in this new economy, where they are no longer getting the same bargain that they got when they were going to a factory and able to support their families on a single paycheck, you combine those things and it means that there is going to be potential anger, frustration, fear.

“Some of it justified but just misdirected,” Obama said. “I think somebody like Mr. Trump is taking advantage of that. That’s what he’s exploiting during the course of his campaign.”

With this explanation, Obama appeared to acknowledge that the U.S. economy still has not turned around for many blue-collar workers – a theme that candidates like Sen. Bernie Sanders, on the Democratic side, also are running on.

But the comments marked some of Obama’s most detailed criticism of Trump’s strategy in the Republican race.

Asked to expand on his claims – and speak to concerns in some corners that Obama is trying to change the country in an unwelcome way — Obama got into a contentious exchange with NPR’s Steve Inskeep that touched on the issue of race.

Obama suggested there are “certain circumstances around being the first African-American president that might not have confronted a previous president.” He also pointed to “specific strains in the Republican Party that suggest that somehow I’m different, I’m Muslim, I’m disloyal to the country, etc., which unfortunately is pretty far out there and gets some traction in certain pockets of the Republican Party.”

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Linda Harvey – Child-Sex Advocates Call For More “Inclusive,” Perversion-Centered Sex Education

via Tradition in Action:

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This is a sexual war on children. And only parents acting at the local level can stop it. But we also must block leftist federal and state policies that may force local schools to submit to this corruption.

The homosexual “Equality Act” is one such measure. If “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” become civil rights, the last vestiges of morality in local schools will disappear. Pro-homosexual messages will pervade the curriculum, not just in sex education.

The irony is that these people base their demands on preventing the risky behaviors of children they label “LGBTQ,” which are not inborn human conditions. These are children equal in body and function to others, yet who engage in harmful, deviant conduct – which thankfully can change.

But for SIECUS, GLSEN and the others, children at risk are useful. They tell us these children are:

  • “More likely to have begun having sex at an early age and to have multiple partners compared to their heterosexual peers”
  • “More likely to have sex while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs”
  • “More likely to experience dating violence”
  • “Less likely to use condoms or birth control when they have sex”
  • “More likely to contract HIV or other STIs”
  • “More likely to experience teen pregnancy”

Glsen safe spot

GLSEN campaigns for every school to be ‘safe’ for homosexuals

So they know what’s happening. But these reckless behaviors are handy tools. The child-sex lobby is using children as change agents– even if self-sacrifice is required of them.

Many are victims of child sexual abuse. Most suffer neglect by parents or guardians, have witnessed highly sexualized or violent conduct by parents, have underage access to alcohol or drugs, and have households where open criminal activity is taking place. They often have no reliable adult in their lives, and their instability sets them up for experimentation and exploitation.

These children cry out for help before they crash and burn. Planned Parenthood and GLSEN are here to make sure the self-harm continues, all the while positioning as “rescue” their escort service into hell.

And they want taxpayers to subsidize this “support.”

I say, no way. How about you?

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The Mercator Map Projection is Racist, Gives Too Much Emphasis to White Countries

Even geography isn’t safe from the cultural Marxists.

via Protea Media:

An explanation for the use of a Mercator projection map, and why we should switch to teaching our kids the Gall–Peters projection map based on true relative size, was featured in The West Wing, see the clip below.

As mentioned in the video, the map can be used to make certain areas like the US mainland and Europe much larger, giving an illusion of power and importance attributed to its size. Areas like Africa are shown to be much smaller than they truly are. As the image below shows, the size of Africa is comparable to the total size of China, the United States, India and multiple other European countries.

The Gall–Peters projection, named after James Gall and Arno Peters, is one specialization of a configurable equal-area map projection known as the equal-area cylindric or cylindrical equal-area projection. It achieved considerable notoriety in the late 20th century as the centerpiece of a controversy about the political implications of map design.


The Gall-Peters projection of the world map

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CDC Report Shows Violence Inherent in Homosexual Lifestyle

via Fr. John Peck via

After conducting an extensive study on homosexual behavior, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that those involved in such lifestyles experience a far greater amount of violence from one another than those in heterosexual relationships.

CDC’s National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey is a first-of-its-kind study geared to determine the difference between the victimization of men and women by sexual orientation. The results show that men and women involved in homosexual behavior undergo much higher rates of sexual violence than men and women who are heterosexual.

Surprising to many, homosexual women experience more violence than men. According to the study, a whopping 44 percent of lesbians were either raped, experienced physical abuse, and/or were stalked by their intimate partners during their lifetime. Even more shockingly, 61 percent of bisexual women endured such violence from their partners.

It is also reported that 37 percent of bisexual women indicated they were stalked, which is more than double the rate that heterosexual women experience from their male partners. Furthermore, the CDC found that 37 percent of bisexual women were injured during the rape, physical violence, and/or stalking that they experienced at the hands of their sexual partners.

Tragically, 48 percent of bisexual women who reported that they were raped said that their first experience of being raped occurred when they were adolescents between the ages of 11 and 17.

The research also shows that 26 percent of homosexual men experienced rape, physical violence and/or stalking by their intimate partners. It’s even higher for bisexual men, who experience these types of assaults at a rate of 37 percent.

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Liberals Disgusted: Putin Stands Up For Russia Against Globalists, Gives Domestic Court Power to Overturn International Human Rights Rulings


How dare Putin stand up for Russian law against global liberalism when it takes the guise of “human rights”!

via International Business Times:

Russia’s Constitutional Court will be allowed to overturn European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) rulings if it deems them to be in violation of the country’s constitution. The law signed by president Vladimir Putin will enable the court to decide whether or not to implement the decisions.

The move was designed to “thwart the ability of victims of human rights violations to find justice through international bodies when the Russian court system doesn’t deliver it,” according to Human Rights Watch (HRW). It gathered momentum after a ECHR ruling in 2014 which ordered Moscow to pay ‎€1.9bn (£1.38bn $2.09bn) in compensation to shareholders of defunct oil company, Yukos. Following the decision, Russia’s Constitutional Court was asked to clarify how ECHR decisions could be implemented if they do not adhere to the constitution.

The new bill was approved by the Russian parliament last week and signed into law by Putin on 14 December. Its aim was to “safeguard Russian legal sovereignty”, bill co-sponsor and Communist party lawmaker Vasily Likhachev said last month.

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Pat Buchanan – Will Elites Blow Up the GOP?


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Moreover, the old establishments are dead. Conservatives killed the GOP establishment in 1964. The Vietnam War and George McGovern killed the Democratic establishment in 1972.

What is left are elites, collectives of officeholders past and present, donors, lobbyists, think-tankers angling for jobs, party hacks and talking heads.

What the Republican collectivity has to realize is that it is they and the policies they produced that are the reason Trump, Carson and Cruz currently hold an overwhelming majority of Republican votes.

It was the elites of both parties who failed to secure our borders and brokered the trade deals that have de-industrialized America and eviscerated our middle class.

It was the elites of both parties who got us into these idiotic wars that have blown up the Middle East, cost us trillions of dollars, thousands of dead, and tens of thousands of wounded among our best and bravest.

That Republican elites would sit around a dinner table on Capitol Hill and discuss how to frustrate the rising rebellion against what they have done to America, and decide among themselves who shall lead us, is astonishing.

To borrow from the Gipper, they are not the solution to our problems. They are the problem.

Could we face something like the election of 1860, where the Democratic Party split between essentially liberal and conservative factions, paving the way for victory of Lincoln and the radical Republicans, a victory that immediately led the United States into Civil War?

If the establishment Republicans would rather destroy themselves in order to destroy what remains of traditional White America, then I’d rather my people fight and die in civil war than wither away in a wisp of dust.

History is full of fighters who lost their wars but ultimately won their countries. But history quickly forgets those who silently surrendered without a fight.


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